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Roblox: Ready Player One Adventure Clues

April 3, 2018

by Roblox

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Greetings to all Robloxians and Gunters alike. As you embark on your quest to find the Copper, Jade, and Crystal Keys, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a library of clues released so far. Check back often to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the “Roblox: Ready Player One Adventure clues. Good luck and have fun!

Golden Wings of the Pathfinder – Found in Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales

UPDATE (4/6/18, 5:00pm PDT): We’re continuing to decrease difficulty to make the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder more accessible for players. The following changes have now been implemented in new servers.

  • Players only need to get 7/10 questions correct on the quiz to proceed to the final area.
  • Players no longer need to re-collect the fragments if they place them incorrectly on the Dominus Gate.

UPDATE (4/5/18, 11:00am PDT): We made the following gameplay changes to give more players a better chance of obtaining the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder.

  • Made the obstacle course easier overall.
  • Players will now respawn to the beginning of the obstacle course if they fail the quiz.
  • Two of the lava fans have been replaced by solid platforms.
  • Players can now skip the last two cannons and ride a single zip-line from the top instead.
  • Increased the quiz time limit to three minutes (from 60 seconds).

Clue #1

Your journey will come to an end

In a place all Gunters love to recommend

But there’s more to this story

In a land called purgatory

To enter, it would be wise

If you wore some kind of disguise

That can only be obtained

When all fragments are contained

Clue #2

Down in this infernal region lies an ancient foe

whose piercing gaze plunges you deep in woe.

This place is steeped in history…

I wonder if you can solve my mystery?

Clue #3

This villain most fowl wants total control

in a place almost devoid of soul.

Underneath a place of industry,

you can get closer to solving this mystery.

Clue #4

Don’t believe what you see

The truth will set you free

Those cheaters won’t be victorious

Have faith, and you shall be meritorious

No one yet has survived our final strait

Will you be the one to unlock the gate?

Clue #5

Scrambling for clues, your noggins must be—

Crack this gate by thinking carefully…

Amongst these collectibles, the hunt is on

for objects that reveal themselves if you have the brains and brawn.

Clue #6

An ancient arch of stone;

the true path to the throne;

hidden where most have not set foot;

wading murky water will do no good.

Clue #7

A jungle of steel and stone,

no match for you.

Find the window and right home

and you can walk right through.

Clue #8

If you wish to continue,

The Red Men’s value combine,

use the skills you have within you,

bunny’s favorite treat will shine.

Clue #9

An ancient idol may dismay

but snatch the number on the way.

Put a ring on the machine,

where water flows between.

Clue #10

In a world with a ceiling,

a fragment will be concealing.

Jumping fungi all day and night,

appearing when you’re close up tight.

Clue #11

The Fifteam Egg is not vital

for those who seek the title

The Dominus Venari can already be obtained

by any Gunter unrestrained.

Clue #12

A fragment is found

when totem is down;

when totem is half its height;

when leopard sleeps on top of its head;

when ashes from campfire spread.

Clue #13

Up in the clouds

high above the crowds…

through this basket weaved;

through this castle achieved;

between the airship tent;

and between the diving board ascent.

Clue #14

Rejoice! Take pride atop my abode

somewhere along this road

in a village long diminished

if you wish to reach the finish.

Clue #15

Across the world you must row

but how far are you willing to go?

This Eulerian puzzle stands in your way;

Under every arch you must scud and sway;

Once and only once; not twice

Or else you’ll pay the price.

Clue #16

Calling all Gunters, a final clue

Obtain all pieces; any can earn the egg of glass

For the last trial, however, all keys you must amass

Find the distress call and wear a disguise

Elements must be unscrambled to enter a surprise

Exceed his tests; race to the egg as the winner true


Crystal Key – Found in Hexaria

UPDATE (3/26/18, 9:00pm PDT): We’re continuing to decrease difficulty to make the Crystal Key even more accessible for more players.

  • Reduced the accuracy of the dance battle AI from 85% to 60%.
  • Players can now go back and battle Travoltron again even if they’ve already defeated him.

UPDATE (3/24/18, 11:00am PDT): We made the following gameplay changes in Hexaria to give more players an opportunity to find the Crystal Key. All players who find the Crystal Key under these conditions will earn the Crystal Crown of Bronze.

  • Added an NPC next to the flickering lantern who tells you what the code is (CKEY). This code will remain constant for all players.
  • Added a text label on the map that says, “Enter the lucky numbers in the chat!” if you have the fortune cookie.
  • Reduced the accuracy of the dance battle AI from 97% to 85%.
  • Changed the description of the Philosopher’s Stone card to say, “Better take this to Nick F!”

Clue #1

It’s time to shuffle your gear

The Crystal Key is near

Brace yourself for one last brawl

In the midst of nightfall

Come see what’s wrong with that light

Because something’s not quite right

Clue #2

As you might have suspected, speaking with light is the objective. Search around the hill to find a lantern that fits the bill.

Clue #3

A short blink is a dot. A long blink is a dash. Write down the pattern that you see and this 4-letter phrase will bring you one step closer to the key.

Clue #4

To the land of Shermer you must go; bring this phrase from long ago. Those numbers you must enter, to find this place front and center.

Clue #5

Stand on the covers and recite my quote. Then under the water, you will find this note.

Clue #6

With the stone in hand, return to the wizards’ land. A trade you must attend, to accept this poem that’s been penned.

Clue #7

Inside this holy place is a man of familiar face. Longbottom’s the name, he might proclaim.

Clue #8

Travoltron sure can groove, but you’ve got the moves. Beat his score and you’ll own the dance floor.


Jade Key – Found in or Phantom Forces or Mobile Piano (Mobile Devices Only)

UPDATE (3/27/18, 9:00pm PDT): We’re continuing to decrease difficulty to make the Jade Key even more accessible for more players.

  • Solving the “lights out” puzzle is no longer required in Phantom Forces; players only need to shoot at the vending machine.
  • Zombies won’t gain health after each round.

UPDATE (3/20/18, 9:00pm PDT): We made the following gameplay changes to Phantom Forces and Mobile Piano to make it easier to find the Jade Key. All players who find the Jade Key under these conditions will be granted the Jade Crown of Bronze.

  • Added the “Lights Out” vending machine puzzle on every map.
  • Reduced the number of zombies per wave and their walking speed.
  • (Mobile Piano) Shrunk the “Lights Out” matrix to a 5×5 grid.
  • Players can now complete the challenge in VIP servers, but progress won’t be saved if you leave the server.

Clue #1

Unlocking the Jade Key requires precision

Though some may lack the vision

Now you’re deep in hostile territory

And these ghouls are out for glory

Decrypt my journal entry and it shall reveal

A passphrase for something most conceal

Clue #2

The blog contains the location, if you can decrypt its translation. Unscramble the author’s name of a recent post and you’ll find another clue first and foremost.

Clue #3

This machine is really quite suspect, on two maps you’ll find most bedecked. Go to a construction zone, or an urban land where cars have once roamed.

Mobile Clue #1

Check the creator’s profile and you’ll find something worthwhile. Play this instrument and the key will be imminent.

Mobile Clue #2

The pattern is a logic puzzle, with lights you’ll need to juggle. Off, the lights must go, if you wish this key to show.


Copper Key – Found in Jailbreak

UPDATE (3/18/18, 9:00pm PDT): We’re continuing to decrease difficulty to make the Copper Key even more accessible for more players.

  • Lowered the score required to complete the “Jail Evaders” mini-game to 40 (from 100).
  • You can now replay the “Jail Evaders” mini-game after a failed attempt.

UPDATE (3/15/18, 9:00pm PDT): We made the following gameplay changes to Jailbreak to make it easier to find the Copper Key. All players who find the Copper Key under these conditions will be granted the Copper Crown of Bronze.

  • Greatly reduced the speed required to trigger the cutscene when crashing into the wall (DAY OR NIGHT).
  • Players only need to rob ONE of the following: jewelry store, bank, or train (DAY OR NIGHT).
  • Trivia now has all the answers listed on each prompt.
  • The third car of the train ALWAYS contains the lockbox.
  • Jail Evaders only requires you to shoot down 10 cars now (score of 100, instead of 1,000).
  • Players can now complete the challenge in VIP servers.

Clue #1

The location of the Copper Key may sound surprising

Especially if you’ve been antagonizing

If it’s rehabilitation you seek

Then come find this grand antique

Infiltrate this sacred place unharmed

And there you shall find a secret old charm

Clue #2

Whether by night or by day, you’ll find conflict happening in all corners of this open world game.

Clue #3

Shift into overdrive and plow into a specific wall at night to infiltrate a secret area.

Clue #4

When this game first launched in 2017, it spanned 16,000 lines of code.

Clue #5

After you found all three pieces of the token by robbing various places at night, a secret entrance will open. Check behind the waterfall.

Clue #6

Once the token has been returned to its rightful heir, a trivia about video games you must prepare. The highest obtainable score is the poll, Wade Watts may know the goal.

Clue #7

Another clue is in the train for you. Once found, return to the boys in blue.

Clue #8

100 you must surpass with your scores and once complete the crown is yours.

Clue #9

A lockbox you will find in a boxcar most defined. It’s red you see, and with this cartridge, soon you’ll find the key.