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Roblox: The Ready Player One Adventure Begins

March 12, 2018

by Roblox

Community Events

In collaboration with Warner Bros.’ Ready Player One, we’re excited to present the ULTIMATE adventure on Roblox: Find three hidden keys across different games, unlock the gates, and defeat Mega Corp before they seize total control over Roblox. Finding each key will reward you with an exclusive virtual prize. The FIRST PERSON to take down Mega Corp and complete the entire quest will earn a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind GOLDEN Dominus Hat.

Ready Player One takes place in the year 2045, where millions of people log into the OASIS—a virtual universe—to escape from the reality of their daily lives. The main characters in the film, known as the High Five, set out on a quest to save the OASIS. Now, you too, will get the chance to save the Roblox Universe. First, you’ll need to decrypt a series of clues on the “Roblox: Ready Player One Adventure” event page to figure out which games hold the Copper, Jade, and Crystal Keys. New clues will be revealed on a regular basis, but you won’t need to wait until they’re all announced to complete the in-game event missions. A few dedicated players might even be able to find the keys before all the clues are revealed. We’ll release additional hints on our official Roblox social media pages to help you during gameplay as well.

Virtual crowns will be awarded to all players who have found the Copper, Jade, or Crystal Keys. The keys must be found in that order. For an added challenge, if you’re the first player to find any of those keys, you’ll get an extra-special golden crown and be named on the event page leaderboard for everyone to see. All other subsequent players can earn a silver or bronze crown, depending on when they earned the key. 

Only after you’ve obtained all three keys can you take on the final mission in a fourth mystery game. The first person to successfully complete this mission will win the Dominus. After the Dominus has been earned, you can still complete the final mission to earn these awesome wings!

IMPORTANT: Remember—only ONE person can win the Dominus, so time is of the essence! 

Your first clue awaits. Start searching for the keys today and don’t forget to see Ready Player One in theaters on March 29. Good luck and have fun!