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A Look Inside the Roblox Ready Player One Adventure (So Far)

March 23, 2018

by YoSoyTofu

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We were excited to partner with Warner Bros. to launch the Roblox Ready Player One Adventure last week, an unprecedented event that invited millions of players all over the world to compete for the ULTIMATE grand prize: the Dominus Venari. Since then, players have scoured the Roblox platform searching relentlessly for the whereabouts of three hidden keys. Whoever finds all three keys and unlocks the final gate first will be crowned the winner.

Collect all three keys, be the first player to unlock the final gate, and this exclusive, one-of-a-kind Dominus hat could be yours.

Finding those keys has been no easy feat. You’ve all done a fantastic job working together to unravel the mysteries behind their location, and now only one last quest remains between you and the Dominus Venari. Will YOU be the one to unlock the gate?

Let’s take a quick look at the event so far and some of the astounding numbers you’ve racked up.

From the beginning…

The competition was garnering excitement from players even before it officially started. When we announced that the winner would be awarded an exclusive Dominus hat on Twitter, we hit our highest engagement rate in the past three years. More than 60,000 YouTube videos also popped up in the days that followed, including livestreams, walkthroughs, and discussions about the location of the keys. One thing’s for sure: this is an epic adventure in the making, and there’s no better feeling than finding those keys and sharing the fun with your friends.  

Copper Key

It was so exciting seeing everyone working together to decipher that first cryptic clue. “Antagonizing”? “Rehabilitation”? “Grand antique”? “Sacred place”? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Well, it didn’t take players too long before they started putting the pieces together.

Frantic guesses started pouring in everywhere, with people playing every single possibly related game trying everything they could think of to be the first player to find the key. Was it Heroes of Robloxia? Nope. Vehicle Simulator? Not quite. Snow Shoveling Simulator? Not that one! Tales from the Valley? Nuh-uh. But many players thought it might be those titles, with some games seeing a whopping play count increase of over 140%!

In the end, it was Badimo’s Jailbreak! The race was ON. All in all, it took two days, ten hours, and 38 minutes before the Copper Key was finally found by Roblox player and YouTuber JaseWoof (check out his video below!). Congratulations! Since then, we’ve given out over 274,000 Copper Crowns. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can still work with a friend to earn it by playing Jailbreak now.

Jade Key

As we anticipated, there were several dedicated Gunters out there who quickly followed suit in achieving the Copper Crown and were looking to get ahead of the competition by searching immediately for the next key. With a little clever deduction and a whole lot of skill, the Jade Key was discovered in StyLiS Studios’ Phantom Forces just five days, five hours, and twelve minutes after the event launched.

Huge props to maplestick for being the first person to find the Jade Key without needing ANY of our clues whatsoever. This was actually a bit of a comeback story, as a matter of fact. He might have only gotten the Copper Crown of Bronze, but taking the lead by winning the Jade Crown of Gold just goes to show that anyone can come from behind to win this entire competition.

In total, we’ve given out more than 53,000 Jade Crowns since his victory. Don’t count yourself out. You can still get the Jade Key for a chance to win the grand prize!

Crystal Key

And finally, we have the Crystal Key, discovered eight days, five hours, and 35 minutes after the start of the event. Players already had a sneaking suspicion of its location from the start, with some even thinking this game was actually the location of the Copper Key. But it wasn’t until this past Tuesday that Sandfall123 was able to figure out all the riddles in succession.

Much like maplestick, Sandfall123 had won the Copper Crown of Bronze but was able to clinch a first-place victory with the Crystal Key—again, without needing any clues at all. Incredible work. That was a tough one! So far, we’ve given out over 17,000 Crystal Crowns!

Who will be named on top of the leaderboard? It could be you! Get back in the game and collect the keys (if you haven’t already) and brace yourselves for one grand adventure. Good luck!