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The R15 Avatar is Here!

September 28, 2016

by tarabyte


Today marks a monumental milestone for Roblox. We’re excited to announce that the R15 avatar is available to all users! We have some big plans ahead to take full advantage of our new character model, as we briefly shared in a previous blog post. Now that the R15 avatar has been released to all of you, we’d like to give you another comprehensive update on our progress and what’s to come in the near future.

Say hello to the R15 avatar

As the name suggests, the new R15 avatar is composed of 15 body parts as opposed to the 6 seen in our previous iteration. The additional joints give your character a more expressive range of motion and improved articulation. Characters will now look more lively and more animated, all while staying true to our traditional blocky aesthetic. It’s immediately obvious when someone is using the R15 avatar. You can see why in the comparison video below.

Still prefer the previous avatar? No problem. Everyone is free to choose between either the R15 or R6 avatars at any time.

What about all my accessories, gear, clothing, etc.?

Please keep in mind that the R15 avatar is still a work in progress. What this means is that although you can continue to use all of your accessories as-is on the R15 avatar, they may not fit as optimally as they should on your character right now. All hats, packages, gear, and other assets will work correctly in time. Our engineering team is working as quickly as possible to ensure that all of your items fit properly.

As we mentioned back in May, attachment objects will now allow us to weld accessories, such as wings and tails, onto the appropriate part of the body. It will take time to convert all of the assets in the catalog, but this will ultimately result in a more aesthetically-pleasing avatar.

Which Roblox games are currently using the R15 avatar?

Roblox builders can decide whether in-game avatars will be chosen by the user, or they can morph all avatars to be either R6 or R15. Below are a few games that currently have the R15 avatar enabled for all players. Give the R15 avatar a test drive, and see what you think about it!

What’s next?

We’re excited about the possibilities the R15 avatar will bring. It’s going to blow open a bigger door for customization for the entire community. Because it’s a more expressive avatar, we want to give you the freedom to ultimately personalize your avatar’s animations. We have plans to offer users with optional animation packs that will determine how your avatar expresses him or herself in-game.

Your avatar will soon be able to have its own dynamic pose, like this one

In summary…

  • The R15 avatar is available for anyone to use, and it’s completely optional. You can switch back and forth between R6 and R15 at any time.
  • If your accessory isn’t working properly on the R15 avatar, don’t worry. We are currently working on fixing all assets so they attach properly to your character.
  • In the future, you will be able to customize the R15 avatar’s animations, as well as create your own accessories, including hats, body parts, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates on the R15 avatar and other exciting news ahead!