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Stuck On You: ROBLOX Avatars Get Attachment Objects

May 23, 2016

by Luke Weber


This year, ROBLOX has embarked on an ambitious mission to completely revamp avatar customization. In anticipation of the upcoming R15 avatar, we have already begun implementing new tools in the Studio to prepare for our transition towards a fully community-created avatar system. The first phase of our project is already underway, and we are excited to share the progress we have been making so far!  

Our ultimate goal is to give you complete control over how your avatar expresses him or herself in the world of ROBLOX. In order to accomplish that, we have been rapidly updating our Catalog over the years with all sorts of unique and fantastical items ranging from wings, eyeglasses, headphones, scarves, and more. All of these accessories, regardless of their categorization, have been considered as “Hats” and are thus welded to the character’s head and subsequently offset into the correct position. As a result, some accessories that should instead be adhered elsewhere on the body may not be animating as properly as they should be in-game. Attachment Objects, one of our latest additions to ROBLOX Studio, not only elegantly solves this dilemma, but also opens up the door for a greater breadth of customization options in the near future. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Just as the name implies, Attachment Objects act as locations for accessories to be attached to an avatar. Developers can use Attachment Objects in ROBLOX Studio to easily adorn certain types of items to characters in their proper place. Now that accessories can be welded correctly onto an avatar, this update paves the way for a more diverse set of accessories, such as belts, elbow pads, necklaces – anything you can possibly imagine. Now you can truly tailor your character the way you want!

There is one item in the ROBLOX Catalog that uses an Attachment Object at the moment – the Steampunk Wings of Mechanical Destiny. If you were to add this accessory on the current version of the R15 avatar, it would affix itself onto the attachment point on the character’s back. All accessories look significantly better when attached appropriately on the avatar as opposed to its head.

Behold! The Steampunk Wings of Mechanical Destiny. Avatar sold separately.

In the meantime, we will continue updating all of our items in the ROBLOX Catalog so they will be the proper accessory type before the R15 avatar rolls out to all users. At that time, all user-created Hats will still be considered as a Hat, unless the developer chooses to update the accessory with an Attachment Object.

Do you have any ideas for accessories that you would like to make now that you have access to Attachment Objects? Let us know what you think! We can’t wait to see what you have in store.