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Game Creators Show the Power of Custom Particles

May 5, 2015

by Andrew Haak


A couple weeks ago, ROBLOX launched the Custom Particles feature, giving game creators the power to make their own particle effects. We built the feature in hopes that it would make games feel more immersive and alive, and we’re thrilled with the early results from our community of creators. From lightsabers and lively projectile trails to waterspouts and leaves blowing in the wind, there are already a lot of awesome examples of Custom Particles.

Whether you need inspiration for your own effects or just want to see how creative minds are using this feature, read on!

ArceusInator’s Lightsaber Fights on the Heights

Custom Particles is officially the new best way to make an awesome lightsaber on ROBLOX. And, coming off the hype of Star Wars Celebration, the The Force Awakens trailer, and #StarWarsDay (that was yesterday), there’s no better time to try ArceusInator’s Custom Particles demo.


gkku’s Autumnal Forest

gkku’s Autumnal Forest uses Custom Particles for a couple unique purposes: gently falling orbs of light that feel like something out an animated fantasy movie, and the few rays of soft light that shine through the tree cover. The latter is a particularly inventive use of particles that gives the game a whole new feeling.


TylerMcBride’s Super Bomb Survival

TylerMcBride has updated all the particle effects in his hit game, Super Bomb Survival. You’ll see Custom Particles on special skills (e.g., a trail of stars when you use the Super Jump), and on the projectiles that are raining from the sky to destroy you. All of these little particle effects help cement Super Bomb Survival’s identity and separate it from other similar games, not to mention look sharp.



asimo3089’s Particle Demo

Well regarded as one of the top showcase builders on ROBLOX, asimo3089 was quick to test out the Custom Particles feature with a dedicated demo game. As you walk around, you’ll notice a strong wind carrying leaves, papers, and other assorted bits of debris. It’s a cool example of multiple particle emitters working together with lighting to create a blustery atmosphere.


TwentyTwoPilots’ Ultimate Driving II

Ultimate Driving II is a beautiful, expansive world where you can drive to your heart’s content (and, of course, mess with the virtual law). Now, there’s a new and extremely fun environmental trigger to play with: fire hydrants. Hit one hard enough and you’ll send it barreling into the street, leaving an eruption of high-pressure water in your wake. Seriously, go try it. You won’t be disappointed. (The police will be.)


johnnygadget’s ROBLOX Skating Rink

The ROBLOX Skating Rink is a place of excess and glamour, and it got even flashier with the launch of Custom Particles. Grab a pair of rocket skates and blast your way around the rink, now featuring floating heart particles and colorful specks on the walls that create a laser-lighting effect.


Crykee’s Temple of Memories

The Temple of Memories has always been a beautiful showcase of advanced ROBLOX design, but the addition of wisps and a flowing water pipe and falling cherry blossoms have brought a new sense of life to Crykee’s world.


Maelstronomer’s Rain and Snow

Custom Particles makes weather easy. As demonstrated by Maelstronomer in this demo place, you can quickly make realistic snowfall and even a torrential downpour, complete with splash particles on the ground.


Particle effects are best seen in motion, so make sure to check out the games listed above to experience the full effect!

For more information about how Custom Particles works and what it means for ROBLOX, check out our announcement of the feature. You can also read up on how to add Custom Particles to your game in the ROBLOX Wiki and learn the basics of the feature in our Custom Particles How-to video.