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The Latest and Greatest ROBLOX Twitch Channels

January 20, 2015

by Andrew Haak


Throughout 2014, we worked to not only launch and grow the ROBLOX Twitch channel, but help you — the gamers of the ROBLOX community — get your own streams up and running. Part of this was the monthly streaming leaderboards, with which we rewarded top broadcasters for entertaining viewers, being active, and doing unique and noble things live on camera. December was the final leg of the leaderboard program, and this post shows you who, of the 2,170 people who streamed ROBLOX to Twitch, topped the charts at the close of the year.

We’re going to find new ways to make Twitch streaming even more fun in 2015, so stay tuned to

Most watched channels

This category is meant to reward Twitch streamers who not only get people to come to their channel, but keep them watching. The winner for December is Taymastar, who racked up almost 450,000 minutes watched during the course of the month! The Taymastar channel is run by Taymaster (with an “e”), who you may know as the creator of the “Twisted” series of games. He uses Twitch to promote his games, as well as give away promotional codes for in-game items. We’d love to see more game creators following his example.

Most active channels

Not every channel gets enough regular viewers to win the “most watched” category — not to begin, at least. But many up-and-coming channels put a lot of time into streaming to build a following, and this category is meant to give them a reason to keep going. Congratulations Zynta, a small group of streamers who played enough Apocalypse Rising to fill roughly half of a month’s worth of time!


Biggest individual broadcasts

Several streamers leveraged their followings — both on ROBLOX and on Twitch — to get a lot of people watching at once. These eight channels broke triple digits for concurrent viewers during a single broadcast in December.

Channel of the month

This category exists to highlight a channel that’s doing great things but not necessarily topping any of the predefined leaderboards. For December, this award goes to ROBLOXathon, a channel that runs regular charity streams — including a 72-hour marathon at the end of December. We love to see our community stream to Twitch for a good cause.

Final notes

For a step-by-step guide to streaming ROBLOX to Twitch using Open Broadcaster Software, see this blog article. You can also talk with other streamers in the video forum. Use it as a place to chat about Twitch broadcasting and get your channel off the ground!

Whether you’re a streamer, viewer, or both, make sure to stay tuned to our Twitch channel. If we’re not live or hosting someone who is, our channel will always tell you when the next live show is!