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Broadcast Your Building and Gameplay, Earn Prizes

December 5, 2014

by Andrew Haak


ROBLOX is an inherently social platform and, with each passing month, more and more gamers are taking social gaming to a whole new level by broadcasting their point of view to Twitch and interacting with fans. We want to see this as much as possible — partly because it’s plain fun, and partly because it lets you take part in spreading the word about ROBLOX. To encourage you to participate, we award the top ROBLOX streamers every month with cash prizes. Of the 1,882 people who broadcasted at least a little ROBLOX during November (and thus contributed to a grand total of about 3.25 million minutes watched), let’s see who did it the best.

Most watched broadcasters

This category is meant to reward Twitch streamers who not only get people to come to their channel, but keep them watching. The winner for November is MyLeafsDotCom, who racked up more than 200,000 minutes watched during the course of the month and was one of the most engaging streamers for ROBLOX of all time! Congratulations to MyLeafsDotCom for making a big splash and having a great first couple months as a ROBLOX streamer.

Most active broadcasters

Not every channel gets enough regular viewers to win the “most watched” category — not to begin, at least. But many up-and-coming channels put a lot of time into streaming to build a following, and this category is meant to give them a reason to keep going. Congratulations once again to MyLeafsDotCom, who not only collected a lot of minutes watched, but was live consistently throughout the month!.

Need something to stream? We pose Twitch streaming challenges every week on The Next Level! This week: survive rounds 1-20 in Zombiecon Anniversary without getting KOd!

Need something to stream? We pose Twitch streaming challenges every week on The Next Level! This week: survive rounds 1-20 in Zombiecon Anniversary without getting KOd!

Top individual broadcasts

Several streamers leveraged their followings — both on ROBLOX and on Twitch — to get a lot of people watching at once. These six channels had the highest concurrent viewers during a single broadcast in November.

We occasionally host the streams of top broadcasters who provide family-friendly fun, but these channels are all able to get significant viewership without any help from us. Keep it up!

Channel of the month

This category exists to highlight a channel that’s doing great things but not necessarily topping any of the predefined leaderboards. For November, this award goes to BasementNinjaOfficial, who ranked on both the Most Watched and Most Active leaderboards. BasementNinjaOfficial has great “presence” on the microphone, making him a very promising ROBLOX streamer.

To increase your chances of being noticed for channel of the month, make sure to check the box to automatically archive your broadcasts in your channel settings. That way, we can see what you’re doing even if we don’t catch it while it’s live.


We’ll be reaching out to this month’s winners soon to give away the prizes ($200 each)!

Final notes

For a step-by-step guide to streaming ROBLOX to Twitch (and therefore participating in this monthly contest) using Open Broadcaster Software, see this blog article. You can also talk with other streamers in the video forum. Use it as a place to chat about Twitch broadcasting and get your channel off the ground!

Whether you’re a streamer, viewer, or both, make sure to stay tuned to our Twitch channel. If we’re not live or hosting someone who is, our channel will always tell you when the next live show is!