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Who’s Ruling the Twitch Streaming Leaderboards (So Far)?

March 15, 2014

by Andrew Haak

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Twitch-IconAs announced two weeks ago today, we’ve launched Twitch broadcaster leaderboards, giving ROBLOX players an opportunity to earn cash and prizes for streaming their gameplay to Twitch. (Yes, cash for playing video games. We live in good times.) We’re two weeks into the first leaderboard period – that being March 1st through March 31st – and we have preliminary data to share with you. So, who’s ruling the world of ROBLOX broadcasting on Twitch thus far?

Most watched broadcasters

Okay, Starmarine614 and his cast of hot-shot game developers may have a healthy lead in this category for the month. However, there’s reason to keep competing: the exposure you get by being one of the top 10 most watched broadcasters — which is a list we’ll publish at the end of the month — will help you move up in the future.

Most time broadcasted

As you can see, there are many ROBLOX broadcasters putting significant time into Twitch streaming — this category exists to give them credit for their effort, even if they’re not on the most watched list. We recommend you follow all of these channels so you can catch their future broadcasts! (Twitch does a good job of notifying you when someone you follow goes live.)

Murder Mystery streak

We (and other broadcasters) have found that Murder Mystery is a real crowd-pleaser when it comes to gameplay streaming!

Largest increase in followers

If you’re a Twitch broadcaster, make sure you ask people to follow you – it helps boost your viewer numbers and is another way to earn prizes via our leaderboards!

Top Twitch broadcast

We’re keeping this one as a surprise for the end of the month. Remember, this category awards broadcasters who achieve high maximum concurrent viewers on a single broadcast. Leverage your social network and spread the word when you’re going live!

We want as many ROBLOX players streaming their gameplay to Twitch as possible. Our Twitch broadcaster leaderboards are meant to give players a good reason to do so. At the end of the month, we’ll have final leaderboards for March, as well as individual channel spotlights for broadcasters doing great things (and not appearing on the ‘boards). Regardless of your channel’s magnitude, you have a chance to be recognized for your effort.

A couple notes

Only broadcasts of ROBLOX games count toward these categories. For a step-by-step guide to broadcasting ROBLOX (and therefore participating in this contest), see this blog article (particularly the section titled “Customizing your stream”). For the initial announcement of the broadcaster leaderboards, see this post.

We’ve launched a new broadcasting and video-creation forum. Use it as a place to chat about Twitch broadcasting and getting your video project off the ground!

Check out all the current ROBLOX streams, then go get broadcasting!