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The ROBLOX Film Festival Is Now Accepting Submissions!

May 03, 2013

by Andrew Haak


ROBLOX International Film Fest 2013I hope the dynamic lighting video contest got you all the in the mood to create masterpieces of ROBLOX cinema because, starting today, the real challenge begins: the ROBLOX International Film Festival 2013 is now accepting submissions. Winning entries will receive not only a prestigious BLOXY Award, but a live screening on the main stage at one of this summer’s BLOXcons and a highly visible spot on the ROBLOX YouTube channel!

Want to establish yourself as a premiere ROBLOX film director? This is the best opportunity you’re going to get all year. Click here to find the submission form and central location where all films will eventually be viewable. The deadline is June 3rd at 11:59 p.m. PT.

In order to qualify to win a BLOXY Award, your film must fall under one of five categories. We have a limited block of time to screen your films at BLOXcon, making it extra important that you also keep your entry at or under each category’s respective time limit. By popular demand, we have extended the maximum time for the Short Film/Machinima category since our initial announcement to three minutes.

  1. Chicago/London/New York City (2 minutes max): Represent Chicago, IL, London, UK, or New York, NY
  2. Short Film/Machinima (3 minutes max): Original short story –  drama, action, comedy, etc. – built with ROBLOX machinima
  3. Trailer (90 seconds max): Create a trailer for a game, movie or television series – real or totally fictitious
  4. Commercial (30 seconds max): Create the ultimate commercial, highlighting Builders Club or the limitless possibilities of ROBLOX
  5. Building/physics showcases (1 minute max): Footage of yourself building something awesome – a place or physics contraption (e.g., Rube Goldberg machine) – and speed the footage way up to show the whole process

BLOXY 2013 AwardThe process of collecting entries and choosing winners will be similar to that of the dynamic lighting video contest. A month-long submission period will be followed by a week-long voting period. Once the community has its say, we’ll announce the nominees for each category in advance of BLOXcon. Finally, we’ll reveal one winner per category at each BLOXcon. That means every BLOXcon will feature a unique selection of five awesome films!

Before you start producing your film, please read through this FAQ.

Film Festival FAQ

Can we work in groups?

Yes, you can. Producing a high-quality ROBLOX film is a significant time investment and this should help streamline the process. A maximum of three group members will receive BLOXY Awards for any given project. Each group member must contribute to the film in a substantial way.

Can I submit more than one entry?

You can submit one entry. You stand a much better chance of winning a BLOXY for one really good entry than two mediocre entries.

Do I have to attend BLOXcon to enter and win a BLOXY?

No. Everyone can enter and everyone has an equal chance to win.

Is it okay if my video is five seconds too long?

Nope. They’ve got me on a tight time budget. Make some clever cuts and meet the requirement!

Is it okay if YouTube says my video is one second over the limit?

Yes. I’m aware this happens and we can work around it.

Can I use real-world footage?

Yes, you can use original real-world footage.

Can I use copyrighted audio?

You can, but beware: this has a tendency to cause problems with YouTube playback on external (i.e., non-YouTube) websites and may even hurt your chances of getting votes. It’s fine if your audio triggers an advertisement, but you don’t want copyrighted music to entirely prevent your video from playing outside of YouTube. Test your video to make sure it works everywhere.

Can I use footage from other games/media?

We’ll be looking for original, ROBLOX-themed content, so I wouldn’t recommend ripping footage/animation directly from other games/media. However, it would be permissible to parody existing games/media and use small segments (permitted under “fair use“) of copyrighted content.

Forget the Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys and the Grammys. In the summer of 2013, the most prized award will be a BLOXY – and you could be among the few and proud ROBLOXians to be awarded one in the ROBLOX International Film Festival 2013. Start working on your film today!