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Presenting the Winners of the Dynamic Lighting Video Contest

May 01, 2013

by Andrew Haak


Block Town with Dynamic LightingAfter a weekend of voting and a couple days of internal deliberation, we’ve narrowed the pool of more than 200 dynamic lighting video contest submissions to the top 10. Because the quality is so high across the board, we’ve also decided to give the creators of all 10 submissions the “Master of Light and Darkness” top hat and placement on the ROBLOX YouTube channel!

Without further delay, here’s the moment you’ve been anticipating. The winners of the dynamic lighting video contest are…

#1. Project Alamir Dynamic Lighting Demonstration, by DoctorDeleter

#2. Luceat Lux Vestra, by Dayren

#3. Dynamic lighting test :3, by best3000

#4. ROBLOX Dynamic Lighting, by EZcheeez

#5. Railroad Crossing, by Spacek531

#6. Glass Houses, by Mo7phR

#7. A Night In Venezia, by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX

#8. Dynamic Lighting Cinematics, by Hacker225

#9. Dynamic Lighting – A ROBLOX Contest Entry by Tzsara

#10. Full Engine-render of Dynamic Lighting, by Ravenshield

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, whether you submitted a video or cast a vote. We appreciate the effort you poured into your creations and hope you had a blast experimenting with dynamic lighting. With video and lighting experts like you, it’s safe to say the future of ROBLOX is bright (and dark — in a good way).