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Game Trailer Video Contest

August 31, 2012

by John Shedletsky

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ROBLOX ClapboardDirectors! ROBLOX is hosting a game trailer video contest. For the next 10 days, uploading a video trailer to your game page is 50% off. Furthermore, all new trailers added to ROBLOX games in the next 10 days will automatically be entered into a contest. We will reward the creators of the top five new trailers with fabulous virtual trophies and 20,000 ROBUX each.

As you may remember, we first added the ability for a ROBLOX game to have a 30-second video trailer back in April. And, because we think this feature is awesome, we’re actively promoting its use.

The contest will run from today, August 31, until Monday, September 10.

How to Enter

  1. Create a game trailer for your ROBLOX level (30 seconds or less in length)
  2. Upload your trailer to YouTube
  3. Add your trailer to your place media gallery (this costs 500 R$)

We will automatically find all the videos that have been added after the contest start date.


Add New Videos to Your Gallery on the Place Config Page


  1. Your video must be 30 seconds or less
  2. Your video must be a game trailer for your specific game (misleading videos will not be considered for prizes)
  3. Audio is not required but strongly encouraged
  4. You can enter the contest as late as you want, but entering earlier rather than later will likely increase your odds of winning


All ROBLOX members are eligible to win. Only new game trailers will be considered. Nothing in theory is stopping you from re-uploading an old video, but any attempted subversion of the spirit of the contest is grounds for disqualification.

Contest entries will be judged using an ad hoc process that may include use of analytics (possibly including level and YouTube stats), community feedback, staff voting, and magic eight ball consultation.

Play ButtonThere will be five winners. They will each receive an extremely rare virtual trophy (similar to this one), 20,000 R$, as well as publicity considerations. Winners will be announced here at the close of the contest.

Useful Software

Capture: ROBLOX has a built-in video recorder (press F12 while playing), which can be used to capture video and even upload it to YouTube. On Windows 7, you can find your ROBLOX videos in your “Videos” library. Another great video recorder is FRAPS. On Mac, QuickTime Player can do a Screen Recording and is a good capture solution.

Editing: Windows Movie Maker is a good free video editor for Windows. iMovie is standard on Macs. Google is your friend.


Here are some current game trailers I’ve seen on ROBLOX that are awesome and worth looking to for inspiration:

Jet Wars: Advanced Battle | Freelight | ROBLOX Titanic (Tea)

If you’re looking for more inspiration or feedback, head over to our ROBLOXiwood forum, where users are sharing and discussing their video creations.