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Promote Your Game with Video

April 11, 2012

by Tim Brown

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My Place - With Video

Tim Brown’s Hack Week project has been finished and released, giving ROBLOX users a powerful tool to engage players.

Back in January, we introduced you to a feature that would let you add a rich media gallery, including videos and images, to your ROBLOX place. We’re happy to announce the feature is now available.

The big news is you can add 30-second YouTube videos to your game page for 1,000 ROBUX. We’re starting at this price because we want to encourage quality and ensure we have enough manpower to quickly moderate your submissions for appropriate, relevant video and audio. We recommend you not only follow YouTube’s guidelines – you don’t want your video removed by their moderators – but also focus on in-game ROBLOX footage. Make sure to read all the details here, then check out Sword Fights on the Heights IV for a great example of this feature in action.

Image uploads cost 20 ROBUX each and they are moderated, as well.

How to Add Custom Video and Images

Add Video to Your PlaceOnce you’ve recorded your 30 seconds of footage using ROBLOX’s built-in capture tool and made any edits you’d like, upload it to YouTube. Then, go to Places under My ROBLOX and click the “Configure” link. This will take you to a screen that lets you “Add New Gallery Item” and enter the YouTube URL of your video. Your video will be pending until it passes our check.

This is also where you upload images, and click and drag gallery items to change their order.

We’ll be monitoring the volume of video submissions as we move forward to make sure we have enough moderation resources. If at any point your video doesn’t display, or uploading is not available, rest assured the downtime is temporary.

Enjoy using this new feature to better showcase your content and engage potential players.