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Hack Week Returns for Another Innovative Year

March 18, 2021

by Roblox

Product & Tech

One of our greatest privileges and joys at Roblox is participating in our beloved Hack Week tradition—a dynamic exploration of new ideas that expand the breadth of possibilities for our platform. Every year, for one full week, Roblox employees get an opportunity to take a break from their day-to-day work and pursue out-of-the-box ideas they’re passionate about. Some of these ideas have even led to technological breakthroughs, like our “Future Is Bright” lighting system. What’s more, Hack Week is a prime example of how we live our core values:

  • Respect the Community: Our teams are composed of smart, talented, creative, hard-working individuals who are dedicated to improving our platform for millions of people all over the world. As Roblox continues to rapidly evolve, there’s never enough time in the day to pursue all the projects we’re passionate about. That’s why Hack Week exists: to give our employees the time, support, and resources to experiment with ideas that are truly innovative and unique for the betterment of our platform and community.
  • Take the Long View: Hack Week is about envisioning the future of Roblox and making it happen—all within the span of five days. Our teams are empowered to look beyond their current scope of work and make decisions with our long-term goals in mind.
  • Get Stuff Done: Creating a fully functioning prototype of a visionary new idea in just one week is no easy feat, yet our teams are always up for the challenge. Hack Week requires a bias toward action and the resolve to take calculated risks rather than cautious steps.
  • Self-Organize: Hack Week encourages employees of diverse skill sets to collaborate in new ways and decide for themselves what ideas they’re most interested in pursuing.
  • Own It: Our teams take our platform into their own hands to defy limitations and ultimately shape the future of Roblox.

Armed with complete creative freedom and the support of their peers, our engineering teams challenge themselves to take risks, create boldly, and bring us one step closer to our vision of the Metaverse. While this year’s event had its share of novel challenges for our fully remote teams, their spirit of ingenuity and inventiveness was as strong as ever.

Our 8th annual Hack Week resulted in 86 new projects. Some teams chose to develop new systems for the Roblox engine. Some teams found new ways to improve an existing feature or make our developers’ lives easier with upgrades and performance tweaks to Roblox Studio. As our teams work across a vast landscape of intersecting technology, these projects also cross a broad spectrum of disciplines. Check out the highlight reel of some of the standouts—proof that great things can be achieved and taken all the way from concept to creation within a single week.

It’s great to see how our teams continue to stretch the limits of what Roblox can become. If you see something you like, let us know on social media using #RobloxHackWeek!

Interested in joining us for our next Hack Week? We’re always looking for new talent, so come check us out at and see if there’s a role that’s right for you.