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Roblox Is Now on TikTok

December 09, 2020

by ThatDudeBee


Roblox is officially on TikTok. Hooray! We’ve been enjoying all the amazing Roblox-inspired videos from our talented community, and so we decided it was time for us to join in on all the fun too!

It’s only been a few short weeks since we launched our channel, and it’s already off to an incredible start. Thanks to a little superstar power from Lil Nas X, we kicked things off with behind-the-scenes clips from his unforgettable virtual concert experience. We’ve also been featuring some action-packed showdowns from Season 2 of the RB Battles Championship. The competition was fiercer than ever, and we loved seeing all your predictions and reactions to the matchups. We can’t wait to share more great content with you in the future.

A successful launch calls for celebration, right? To commemorate the occasion and say thanks for all your support, we’re giving away a special Party Panda item for your avatar. You can redeem it now through the end of December 2020 using the code ROBLOXTIKTOK on!

Now that we’re on TikTok, we want to see even more from you. Give us a follow on TikTok and keep creating that awesome content. Remember to use the hashtag #RobloxTikTok so we’ll know where to find it.