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Skinned Meshes: A Visual Showcase

November 23, 2020

by Bjorn Book-Larsson | TechMechFoo

Product & Tech Creators

New and exciting developments are always coming to Roblox. The latest is that Skinned Meshes are now available for creators to integrate into their experiences. Not only does this introduce mesh deformation on the platform, but it also sets the stage for even more features to be enabled, including layered clothing, facial animation, and even more already in the works for 2021 and beyond.

Previously, the appearance of characters and objects were represented by rigid parts. Now, the surface of those parts can be continuous, making the mesh smoother and more realistic-looking.

The avatar on the left is made up of skinned MeshParts, whereas the one on the right is a traditional rigid R15 model.

We’re already starting to see early examples of developers utilizing skinned meshes to achieve higher visual fidelity in their experiences. Check out the demonstration from Starboard Studios below. This game is using skinned meshes in combination with the new upcoming surface appearance feature to create a smooth, natural billowing effect on the wind-blown flags and more realistic ocean waves.


They can even make for some interesting squash and stretch animations, like this character from Frogge.

Most recently, we used skinned meshes to create Lil Nas X’s own avatar in the Lil Nas X Concert Experience. This was one of the first major showcases of this exciting new feature.

You can see even more examples in action in our sample staging area here.

We’re always continuing to evolve to meet the growing needs of our expanding creator community. The more tools we can provide, the more creators can experiment, innovate, and develop any kind of experience they can imagine. We can’t wait to see even more games using skinned meshes in the future!

Creators who want to learn more about skinned meshes can check out our Developer Forum post.