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The RB Battles Championship Is Back for Another Season!

November 16, 2020

by Roblox

Community Events

Ding ding ding!

The combatants are ready and the matches are set—it’s time for another season of the RB Battles Championship!

This electrifying event brings together sixteen of the top Roblox YouTubers who’ll compete for the chance to win the Champion Swordpack 2.0 and one million Robux—that’s right—ONE MILLION ROBUX!

The competition kicks off on November 16 and runs through December 14. You can join in on the fun by completing special quests across participating games to pick up some truly awesome prizes.

The goodies start with free items you’ll get just for joining, along with a special necklace for correctly guessing who will win the tournament. But that’s just the start of your journey…



Once you’ve earned 12 event badges from the participating games, you’ll be able to claim the illustrious Winner’s Wings from the event badge room in the RB Battles game. As the tournament unfolds, you’ll also get clues to which three games hold a secret bonus quest. Complete those quests to earn a set of legendary swords, then place them in the shrine in the RB Battles game to unlock the final solo battle!


For those brave and intrepid souls who emerge victorious from this final battle, even more special bounties await. The first 30 Robloxians to complete the challenge will be awarded the Hood of Champions, along with the Golden Antlers of Honor for the first 10,000 to do so. All other players who finish will receive a pair of the Antlers of Honor to show their achievement to the world.


Who will be crowned the RB Battles Champion? And who will take home the coveted Hood of Champions? The only way to find out is to join the event and compete!