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Build It, Play It Animation Contest Winners

August 25, 2020

by Roblox

Community Creators

When we asked the community to create new animations based on the theme “Victory and Celebration” for our first official Build It, Play It contest, our expectations were high. We’re happy to say you’ve exceeded them all. Some of your moves were subtle and intricate, some were dynamic and larger-than-life, and some were just plain hilarious, but we loved every single one of them. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve spent the past few days selecting just three winning animations to be featured in the Build It, Play It game, The Island of Move!

Before we announce them, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who sent in their work. Whether this was the first animation you’ve ever made or the culmination of years of developing, we hope you had as much fun making them as we had reviewing them. There’s a great creator inside of everyone, and contests like these prove that.

Now, without further ado, here are the winning animations:



Congratulations to our three winners! Be sure to check out their work in The Island of Move!