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Video Creator Spotlight: Denis

July 10, 2020

by ThatDudeBee

Community Creators

He’s a master of obbies, the best of friends with Sir Meows-a-Lot, and the winner of the 7th Annual Bloxy Award for Best Content Creator. With over 3 billion YouTube views, millions of subscribers, and hours upon hours of Roblox gameplay, Denis has become a huge part of our community. We got to chat with him and get a little glimpse into his work and accomplishments.

First of all, congratulations on winning the Bloxy for Best Content Creator in March! How did you feel when you heard the news?

Denis: Thank you! I was thrilled when I heard I won. I think a lot of people didn’t expect it, seeing as how my channel has been around for a little while now. The other nominees are fantastic creators, so it definitely came as a surprise.

You’ve got over 8 million subscribers on YouTube and 3 billion views on your channel, which is absolutely incredible. Does it feel any different than when you were just starting out?

Denis: It does feel different! When I was first starting out, I had very little idea what I was doing and just tried pushing whatever content I could in hopes that my videos would get noticed. Today I try to remind myself how fortunate I am for my channel to have made it this far and still be going strong. Now I approach every video with much more time and care and think about my fans that look forward to them every day.

Piggy by MiniToon

You’ve also been a part of the Roblox community for a long time. How’s it been watching it all evolve?

Denis: It’s always been incredible what kinds of things people come up with on Roblox. To now see so many of those ideas become recognizable worldwide is so cool!

Do you remember the first Roblox video you made that really took off?

Denis: I was running around annoying people in Roblox High School and I may have hit a few of them with my car.

Roblox High School by Cindering

You cover a wide variety of Roblox games on your channel, but what’s your favorite type to make content for?

Denis: Obbies. This way I can then rant about whatever nonsense I want whilst also showing off my sick parkour skills.

Rob the Rosino Obby by PlatinumFalls

We’re thrilled to have you in our Stars program! How have you found the experience?

Denis: It’s been great! Being involved in Stars events and having a closer connection with Roblox has been fun and super helpful.

Any exciting plans for the second half of 2020?

Denis: My cartoon show!!! It’s about Denis and his cat Sir Meows A Lot, available on Crave and YouTube this September!

Find Sir Meows A Lot Obby by 338218

Last question: let’s say the chips are down and everything’s on the line. What’s the one game you KNOW you’re gonna win every time?

Denis: The Tower of Heck, no doubt.

Thanks for chatting with us, Denis! We’ll be eagerly awaiting the premiere of your show later this year. To stay up to date with all things Denis, find him on YouTube, Twitter, and follow him on Roblox.