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Pride Month 2020 – Celebrating Our Community

June 18, 2020

by OldBaronMondo

Community Creators

Roblox couldn’t be more proud of our community. Our players, developers, and employees come from all walks of life to learn, create, and help one another grow as human beings. This Pride Month, we’re taking a moment to focus on the stories of some of the LGBT+ individuals who help make Roblox such a fantastic place.

Kijineko – Creator and Player

How you found Roblox:

A couple of friends from school told me about it during our after-school computer lab back in 2006. All of our computers ran off integrated graphics, so we couldn’t play anything too complex, but we had fun with it through elementary. Roblox stayed off my radar until 2011 when I discovered a game creation kit Polyhex released based on their old Roblox Adventure series. At that point, it became a hobby! Only in the last year has Roblox been something I can rely on with the work I’ve done for many of my close friends.

Best part of the community:

Any LGBT+ creator has the chance to build an audience through their work on Roblox. That kind of support is much needed for some, which is why I’m so happy to see people devote their creative effort toward the platform.

How Roblox has helped you:

It helped me find a close-knit community of trans creators! In the years I’ve known them, their support helped me accept my identity as a trans woman. Having that space outside of a then-hostile home environment was something I needed as I moved through high school into my adult life.

Kijineko’s winning submission from the Summer 2019 Avatar Design Contest

x_o – Developer at Team Rudimentality

How you found Roblox:

My best friend introduced me to Roblox back in 2010; for the most part, I played games until around 2013 when I got more interested in developing and started learning how to program. I had always had an interest in game development so Roblox was the perfect game for me!

Best part of the community:

I love how unique the Roblox community is! There are so many cool and creative LGBTQ+ developers making amazing projects and building up their own communities around their games, it’s so inspiring to me!

How Roblox has helped you:

Many of the creators I looked up to and friends I made are LGBTQ+ and had a huge impact in helping me realize my identity and giving me the confidence to come out as trans! As someone who grew up fairly sheltered as a child it was incredible to be able to meet and connect with people who were supportive and who I could relate to.

coefficients – Developer Communications at Roblox

Most exciting Roblox genre:

I’m a big fan of fast-paced gameplay, so action and adventure games and first-person shooters are what really draw my attention and keep me entertained. With that being said, I love to see the passion that players have for roleplay games. I spent a good amount of my childhood playing roleplay games and it’s awesome to see the outlet that Roblox provides for them.

Best part of the community:

It’s definitely the passion of the community that makes it feel so special. There’s a lot to be passionate about, too! I see Roblox as the place to turn dreams and ideas into experiences and I think that perspective makes the passion of the Roblox community seem so incredible. Players and developers aren’t just passionate about games; they’re passionate about dreams, whether their own or each other’s.

How Roblox has helped you:

Most of the people in my life who I consider to be my best friends have been introduced to me, one way or another, in association with the Roblox community. I’m surrounded by creative minds and passionate people in every facet of my life because Roblox has become so integrated with who I am. My best friends are from the Roblox community, my roommates are Roblox developers, and the platform helped me to discover who I am in a big way.

mithryx – Visual Designer at Roblox

Best part of the community:

I love that Roblox has something for everyone. When I was younger, a lot of video games were made just for boys or just for girls. As a boy, I would be afraid that my friends would make fun of me for playing a “girl” game or choose a female character. The Roblox community unites people from different walks of life. Anyone can play!

What was one awesome project you worked on at Roblox and what made it awesome?

I’m a Visual Designer at Roblox, and I’m really proud of the visual refresh for the in-game menu. We organized the menu to make it easier to navigate, and it’s adaptable to be usable on any device.

In the Roblox office, I’m really honored I got to help organize the Pride event last year. We all made rainbow unicorn cereal treats, and we got to teach our coworkers more about the LGBTQ+ community. We have a lot of LGBTQ+ people working at Roblox, and we know that a huge number of our players are also part of that community. I want LGBTQ+ kids to know that you are never “inappropriate” for being who you are. Video games are a reflection of how we want to see the world and who we want to be. And Roblox is a community where everyone is welcome. We’re all here to have fun, so let’s help one another make Roblox an awesome place to be, for everyone!

To our LGBT+ members, please know that you are welcome and valued on Roblox. By playing, by creating, by coming together, and by expressing yourselves and your individualities, you make our community a better place to be.

Happy Pride Month!