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7th Annual Bloxy Awards Highlights

March 25, 2020

by OldBaronMondo

Community Events

Saturday, March 21st was a star-studded celebration unlike any other: the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards. There were thrills, surprises, and a stage full of worthy winners. Most of all, community members from all over the world came together as one and experienced the entire award ceremony within Roblox for the first time ever, thanks to our new in-engine video streaming technology.

Way before the proverbial curtain went up, the Bloxys virtual space was swinging with fun and festivities as far as the eye could see. Over half a million concurrent players, developers, creators, and community leaders made their way to the neon halls of the event on Saturday, racing scooters, chilling on floaties, completing quests, and picking up fabulous in-game souvenirs. Quests were crushed, collectibles collected, and our $100,000 goal for donations to Make-A-Wish and through the sale of limited-edition, user-created items was reached in record time. Thanks to everyone who attended, and thank you so much for supporting the dreams and aspirations of kids and teens worldwide!

Once the show started, the hype reached critical levels. Spectators witnessed not only fourteen fully-animated skits featuring Roblox Video Star Leah Ashe and our very own emcee, JParty, but also the world premieres of music videos from luminaries LOGinHDi, Cybernova, and Kawaii Kunicorn. There was also a surprise: the official teaser trailer for an all-new Egg Hunt event, Agents of E.G.G.! And, of course, there were the awards themselves. Here’s a full list of this year’s champions:

Developer Awards

Best Breakout Game – Ninja Legends by Scriptbloxian Studios

Best Showcase – Toyokawa Inari Shrine by nezko

Best Sound Design – Arsenal by ROLVe Community

Best Sleeper Hit –  Adventure Up! by Ready, set, play!

Best Game Trailer – Arsenal by ROLVe Community

Best Game Update of the Year – Adopt Me! by DreamCraft

Best Single Player Game – THIS IS NO SIMULATOR! by TheLoneNeighbour

Best Round-Based Game – Tower of Hell by YXCeptional Studios

Best Role-Playing Game – Royale High by callmehbob

Best Tutorial – Zombie Strike by Good Ape

Best Lobby –  Rumble Quest by Rumble Studios.

Best GUIs – BIG Paintball! by BIG Games

Best Use of Tech – World // Zero by RedManta

Quirkiest Game – BIRD by Jckson!

Favorite Map – Dragon Adventures by Sonar Studios

Video Awards

Best Video Content Creator – Denis

Roblox Video of the Year – THE FINAL FOUR FINALE – RB Battles Championship for 1 Million Robux!

Honorary Awards

Roblox Community Contributor – EgoMoose

Best Incubator/Accelerator Game – Restaurant Tycoon 2 by Ultraw

Data Awards

Most Concurrents – Adopt Me! by DreamCraft

Most Visits – Adopt Me! by DreamCraft

Highest Total Playtime – Adopt Me! by DreamCraft

Most VIP Servers Sold – Jailbreak by Badimo

Most Active Players – Royale High by callmehbob

Most Improved – Homestead by Nightcaller

Top Awards

Mobile Game of the Year – Welcome to Bloxburg by Coeptus

Xbox Game of the Year –  Murder Mystery 2 by Nikilis

Studio of the Year – DreamCraft

Game of the Year – Arsenal by ROLVe Community

Builderman Award of Excellence – Dungeon Quest! by vCaffy, Super Striker League by Cinder Studio

Well done to all of this year’s stars, hosts, and wonderful winners! Not only will honorees get the traditional virtual Bloxys trophies, but they’ll also receive a physical award to mount on their shelves with pride. The winners will also receive an Xbox One S Roblox bundle, compliments of our friends at Xbox!

If you still want to experience the Bloxys in-game, our virtual venue will remain open through March 30th. After that, the full show will be uploaded to our official YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy.