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Roblox Hack Week: Diving Deep Into Creativity

February 5, 2020

by Roblox

Product & Tech People & Culture

Another Hack Week is in the books at Roblox! This marks our 7th annual deep dive into the imaginations of some of Roblox’s most inventive, most daring, and most creative engineers.

Hack Week is a yearly event that was created to showcase innovation on the Roblox platform and remove all barriers to our engineers’ wildest ideas. In the week leading up to our December holiday break, Roblox employees had the opportunity to step away from their day-to-day work and tackle any passion projects that will take our technology to new heights. At the end of the five-day period, participants then got to show off their work to the rest of the company. Needless to say, the demos did not disappoint. The creators shined with their inventiveness, and their peers were blown away by the exciting ideas on display. 

We had nearly 100 engineers participate (either alone or in teams) in this year’s Hack Week, resulting in over 60 diverse projects. These included fun new conceptual technologies for our player and developer communities, like studio wireframe support, a game playlist creator, real-time ray tracing, and more. While there’s no guarantee these prototypes will officially go into production, some Hack Week projects in the past have influenced our roadmap and ended up on Roblox in some form, one way or another. 

Check out the highlight reel of some of the standouts from 2019’s event—proof that great things can be achieved and taken all the way from concept to creation, all within the span of five days.

Imagination is a powerful tool, and Hack Week is a perfect example of what visionaries can achieve when they’re given the time, space, and opportunity to create without any limitations. 

Which projects did you find most compelling? Let us know using #RobloxHackWeek on social media!