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Cast Your Votes for the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards

February 19, 2020

by OldBaronMondo

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The Bloxy Awards are an annual celebration of the passion, talent, and creativity of the Roblox community. For this year’s star-studded event, we wanted to do something that has never been done before in the history of Roblox. We’re pulling out all the stops to honor the incredible technical and creative achievements of Roblox creators worldwide. Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite for this year’s Bloxys…

We’ve always wanted to bring the grandeur, glory, and real-time excitement of our awards show to the Roblox platform itself; to let you watch the awards together, shoulder to virtual shoulder with your friends and fellow community members. We’re happy to announce we’ve made that dream a reality.

From the moment of the premiere, you’ll be able to join the festivities and watch the Bloxys unfold within a custom-made experience. You won’t even need a ticket; the doors to the screening will be open to everyone on Roblox. You’ll be able to share the excitement and glory in real-time—and we’re not just talking about the awards! Each presentation will feature fully-animated skits (starring Roblox Video Star Leah Ashe from YouTube and our very own emcee, JParty), as well as exclusive, never-before-seen music videos from your favorite creators on YouTube…and at least one surprise you won’t want to miss.

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store. Right now though, we need your help choosing the winners for some of this year’s most prestigious awards. The winners of these five categories and more (to be announced at a later date) will be revealed during the ceremony, so don’t miss it!

You can cast your votes here on the event page until February 24, 2020, at 12:00 pm PST. Choose the winners you think are most deserving and help make their dreams of Bloxy glory a reality.  

We’ll have other exciting #BloxyAwards announcements soon, so stay tuned for more information!