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Help Kids & Teens Get the Most Out of Their Holiday Game Time

December 18, 2019

by Laura Higgins

Digital Well-Being

The holidays are a peak time for kids and teens to play online games, which means it’s a great opportunity to spend time with them talking about what they enjoy most. Sure, having conversations about staying safe online is important—but it can be daunting at times and, dare I say, a bit boring. 

Instead, ask them to show you a few games they play and talk about how they work. Or, better yet, change it up this year and give the gamers in your life a challenge each day that can coincide with their game time. Playing together offers you a chance to check that they’re confident with managing anything they’re uncomfortable with online (for example, if they say someone getting bullied or scammed). 

Here are some ideas of fun (and educational) things they can do with you this holiday season.  

Roblox Holiday Challenge

  • Day One – Ask them to help someone reach a goal or overcome a challenge in their favorite game. 
  • Day Two –  Sit down together and check their privacy settings on Roblox. Are they switched on properly?
  • Day Three – Have them show their parents or grandparents their favorite game.
  • Day Four – Try something different. Is there a game they wouldn’t normally play? Give it a go!
  • Day Five – Digital downtime today. That’s right, try and have a day with no phones or computers!
  • Day Six – Have a conversation about what they would do if they saw someone being mean online. 
  • Day Seven – Is there a parent’s advice section for your kids’ or teens’ favorite apps or websites? Get them to find it and read it with you. 
  • Day Eight – Have a conversation about usernames and avatars. What do their choices say about them?
  • Day Nine – Do you have unique, strong passwords for the websites and apps you frequent the most? You should update them regularly, too. Use today as an opportunity to do so.  
  • Day Ten – Count how many connected devices there are in your home. Check to make sure they’re up-to-date and that they have firewalls and virus protection installed. 
  • Day Eleven – Set some time aside to play! Each family member should choose a game—online or offline—and invite everyone to play together. 
  • Day Twelve – Get them to pay someone a compliment in-game. Maybe they played well, or their avatar looks cool. It doesn’t really matter why; it’s just nice to be nice!

While we believe in the power of digital play, we also try and ensure a healthy balance of screen time and other activities. Have them play with a new toy, break out a board game, or go ice skating together. Set time limits for gaming or watching videos online and stick to them. This time of year is about spending time with our loved ones and having funa little bit of everything should work for the whole family.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season from Roblox!