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5 Games for the Winter Holidays

December 12, 2019

by ThatDudeBee


Whether you’re busting through a polar vortex or spending your holidays on the beach, it’s always nice to have a little help getting into the spirit of winter. Even if you’re not a fan of holiday music or don’t want all the work of decorating, we’ve compiled a few games that’ll turn your world into a winter wonderland…without the need for an ice-scraper.  

Snowman Simulator | By Gunslinger Games

When the snow starts falling, the first thing most people want to do is start building a snowman, right? Snowman Simulator is all about rolling enough snow to build up your snowman and have snowball fights with “evil” snowmen. The more snow you roll, the taller your snowman grows!

Ski Resort | By PassiGames

Hop on the chairlift and take in the surreal wintery sights of Ski Resort. I highly suggest bringing a friend along so you can both take in the view. Whether it be the lightly dusted trees or the snowmaking machines keeping the conditions perfect, it’s a dreamy mountain experience. End the day right by relaxing and trading stories at the bonfire! 

The North Pole | By Black Spruce Studio

Wouldn’t it be great to book a flight to Santa’s workshop? In Black Spruce Studio’s The North Pole, you get treated to an all-inclusive experience. You can make toys, decorate trees, sort letters, and possibly the most exciting part? REINDEER! The barn features a stall for every one of your favorite antlered friends (including Rudolph), where you can clean, feed, and spend some quality time chilling with Santa’s MVPs.

Snow Shoveling Simulator | By Virtual Block Studio

An endless snowstorm has cursed the land in Snow Shoveling Simulator, and it’s your job to keep the town from being buried underneath it all. You start out with your ordinary wooden shovel and you can work your way up to eventually owning a snowplow. The charming snowy landscape might be the perfect getaway for those of us who aren’t likely to see any snowflakes during the holidays. As a bonus? You get to stay dry and warm. 

Shred | By MasterOfTheElements

Ready to carve some pow? Shred takes place on a gorgeous mountain landscape where the more you play, the more tricks and abilities you learn. Along with that, you’re also given the opportunity to snag new boards that fit your personality and even the ability to design your own! 

We hope you enjoy adding a little bit of winter magic to your gameplay this December and wish everyone a wonderful season and a happy new year!