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Suiting Up for Action in Bad Business

November 05, 2019

by OldBaronMondo


If you’ve got a penchant for thrills and three-piece suits, you’ll love Bad Businessa sleek first-person multiplayer shooter from Team Rudimentality. Everything about the experience hits just the right note: in terms of look, feel, and replayability, it all strikes a unique balance between action and class.

Even before you’ve had your first match in Bad Business, you have to admire the art style. There’s a wonderfully slick, clean, and stylish look to all of the game’s menus, levels, and assets. The character models are clearly visible against the smooth backgrounds, and thanks to the wide array of dapper jackets, masks, pants, glasses, gear skins, and other accessories, there’s a lot of tasteful fashion on display during every firefight. As they say, there’s no excuse not to look your best. 

But there’s a lot more to Bad Business than meets the eye. Like any well-made team-based shooter, Bad Business is good at keeping the action flowing. Each time you spawn in, you’ve got at least a few seconds of safety to get your bearings and find a buddy, but after that, all bets are off. An attack could come from any weapon and any direction, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t stray too far from cover.

There’s a lot of room to pick out your own playstyle in Bad Business. There’s no such thing as “bad” equipment; all of the many pieces of gear in the game have a purpose, and the levels are complex enough that you can take advantage of any range or weakness. If you’ve got an SMG, you’re going to hug corners, crouch behind boxes, and hide in the many little boltholes and niches in the game. If you’ve got a long-range weapon, you’re going to find a high place or patrol the hallways, engaging enemies before they’ve had a chance to notice you. It’s all about finding what you’re best at and picking the tools to match.

If you’re looking for a game with earnable equipment that’s fun right away, Bad Business is good business. You can play it now. For the latest updates, follow the devs on Twitter.