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Breach: A Game of Hide-and-Go-Slay

November 13, 2019

by OldBaronMondo


If you’ve ever had to try to restore power during a blackout, you’ll know it can be a little frightening. Throw in a bloodthirsty monster bent on hunting you down and you’ve got Breach, a competitive horror game from accelerator developers Dev_Anthony and FierceByte. A chilling instant classic, Breach combines tense head-to-head gameplay with a fantastically frightening atmosphere.

Every game of Breach is a competition between the creature (i.e., a terrifying monster) and a band of humans (i.e., monster food). The humans want to escape; the creature has other plans. Both sides are exciting to play as, but when you’re starting out, it’s easier to be human. You can’t fully grasp the cat-and-mouse gameplay of Breach until you’ve learned to think like a mouse. 

As a human, you’ll scramble through the eerie graveyards and abandoned buildings of the game’s sprawling levels in search of fuseboxes. Fix enough of them and you’ll unlock the exit, giving you and your surviving teammates a chance to escape. Simple enough, but definitely not easy. For one thing, the creature will be stalking you the whole time. For another, fixing each fusebox takes care and patience; make a mistake and you’ll set off an alarm, driving the creature to you all the sooner. Playing as a human is a thrilling experience, as the eerie levels make you feel the creature could jump out at any time.

That element of surprise is why it’s so much fun to play as the creature: your prey are always alert, so surprising and outwitting them is a full-time job. It may feel effortless when a skilled creature corners you as a human, but when it’s your turn to stalk the night, you’ll realize how much patience and cunning goes into jumping out at just the right moment. That’s one of the best things about Breach: it’s two games in one, and both have their own fascinating challenges.

Whether you’re looking to test your skill or your courage, Breach is a fantastic competitive horror game. You can play its latest update now and follow its developers, Dev_Anthony and FierceByte, on Twitter.