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Super Striker League: Pitch Meets Battleground

October 24, 2019

by ThatDudeBee


If you’re looking for a sports game that combines the thrill of head-to-head competition with over-the-top mayhem, it might be time to lace up your cleats and get warmed up for some rock ‘em sock ‘em footy. In Super Striker League, referees need not apply.

Created by Cinder Studio, Super Striker League provides players with something that is both familiar and very different. At its roots, it’s an exciting soccer game with smooth passing/shooting mechanics and intense end-to-end action. One moment you might find yourself on a breakaway for goal; the next thing you know, an opponent is slide-tackling your ball and running it downfield. All of the familiar soccer mechanics are smooth and intuitive.

But before you’ve been playing very long, a few other details will catch your attention. One is the yellow power bar that slowly builds as you play. When it’s full, pressing the prompted button ignites you in a blaze of momentary invincibility. You’ll also notice green orbs that appear around the pitch at random times. These contain items that can give you an advantage. Some benefit you personally, such as lightning speed, while other items can be used as weapons against your opponent. It doesn’t get much better than slinging a boulder at a would-be goal scorer just in the nick of time!

Super Striker League also features several different arenas that have their own unique twists. For example, in the Ancient Egypt-inspired map, you deal with mummified pitch invaders who wreak havoc on both teams by getting in the way and attacking players. On the moon, rogue asteroids aim to impact your winning ways (pun intended). It’s action-packed insanity!

In addition to the in-match mechanics, there’s a customization system that allows you to upgrade your stats. The more you play, the better you and your teammates become. Nothing beats the feeling of blazing past the opposing defense and adding a little flair when you score a goal. 

Cinder Studio pulled out all the stops for Super Striker League. The stadiums are beautiful, the gameplay is smooth, and playing with friends and fellow gamers is beyond fun. This game is proof that it’s okay to let your imagination run completely wild sometimes. If you’re looking for something to quench your thirst for some competition, Super Strikers League is a blast…in more ways than one!

Make it over to the pitch before the next kickoff here and make sure to follow Cinder Studio for more updates.