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Soar and Explore in Dragon Adventures

October 09, 2019

by OldBaronMondo


Adopting a new pet is always rewarding, but when that pet has fire breath and a colossal wingspan, some of those rewards are big, shiny, gold coins. Treasure, excitement, and high-flying thrills are just some of the pet-owning perks you’ll enjoy in Dragon Adventures, an immersive dragon-riding experience by Sonar Studios.

Every adventure starts small, and so does every dragon: matter how fearsome it grows up to be, it begins as a little egg. It’s your job to nurture and protect your pet until it hatches into an adorable, bright-eyed shoulder-sitting companion.

But they sure don’t stay tiny forever. Feed your dragon with fruits grown in your base, take it on adventures, and protect its hide with your life. Before long it’ll grow just a little too big to carry on your shoulders. In fact, it’ll finally get a chance to repay the favor.

Climbing up onto your beast’s shoulders for the first time is an amazing experience. Soon you’re soaring, swooping, and scouring the heavens at speeds only a dragon can manage. 

There are so many jaw-dropping worlds for you and your companion to explore, so much to see and do, that the adventures never have to end. Whether you’re in the tranquil grasslands or lush jungle or the dark and foreboding volcano, there’s always something new to see…and new dragon eggs to find.

If you’re ready to meet your first dragon, you can start your own Dragon Adventures now. Keep an eye out for the latest updates by following developer Erythia on Twitter!