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Serving Up New Dishes in Restaurant Tycoon 2

October 30, 2019

by legoseed


Two years ago, I set out to create the greatest sushi restaurant ever on Roblox. My dreams came true when I opened Seedy’s Sushi in Restaurant Tycoon, the wildly popular restaurant-building game from Ultraw. When I saw Restaurant Tycoon 2 was released, I knew I’d be back in the kitchen to strive for success once again.

Open for business!

In Restaurant Tycoon 2, there are fifty new features to make customizing and owning your restaurant even more thrilling. One exciting twist is the addition of a cooking minigame. Now you can be part of the culinary action, chopping, seasoning, and sautéing your way to a perfect dish. Other notable features include an enhanced system for building and placing furniture, several new cuisines to unlock, a business popularity score, and the possibility to expand to a two-story building.

Whipping up some delicious Japanese eats!

You start off as the sole employee of your restaurant, acting as owner, waiter, and chef while also keeping up the appearance and overall star rating of your business. Once you’re financially ready, you can hire chefs and waiters to help you run your restaurant as smoothly as possible.

For the restaurateurs looking to make their businesses as functional and as aesthetically pleasing as possible, there’s the all-new luxury furniture outlet. You can purchase regionally themed decorations and art to pair with your restaurant’s cuisine: a bamboo planter can accent a Japanese eatery, and that pizza wall clock is perfect for an Italian pizzeria. Mix and match the wide selection of furniture options to make your restaurant stand out from the competition!

Shop to your heart’s content at the furniture outlet!

While balancing the satisfaction of your NPC customers, Restaurant Tycoon 2 also offers the challenge of catering to your fellow players in the server. Your popularity score will rise as players rate your business. Entice the city by running a few billboard advertisements and show off photos of the amazing food you and your chefs prepare. You can also team up with other players to build and operate one big restaurant.

If you want to indulge your creative side, you can even create your own specialty dishes to serve in your restaurant. Use a variety of ingredients to make a meal of your own and slot it in your menu. Your customers will appreciate eating a unique dish found only at your location! 

What are you waiting for? Reach for the stars and open the restaurant of your dreams today in Restaurant Tycoon 2, and follow Ultraw on Twitter to keep up with new updates and exclusive codes!