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5 Games to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

October 18, 2019

by ThatDudeBee


As the days get shorter and the air grows cooler, it’s almost impossible not to get into the Halloween spirit. Carving pumpkins, watching horror movies, and throwing costume parties may be staples of the holiday, but here at Roblox we like playing games that rank high on the scare factor too! Whether it’s surviving the zombie apocalypse or transforming during the full moon, we’ve compiled a list of five Roblox games that are essential for your All Hallows’ Eve festivities.

Zombie Rush | By Beacon Studio

A Halloween list without zombies wouldn’t be a Halloween list at all. Zombie Rush provides wave after wave of undead action, as well as a slew of maps, each with a unique theme. Take down as many zombies as you can before you become part of the walking dead yourself.

A Wolf Or Other | By Otter Space

Lycanthropy has never been such a blast. This charming, 19th century-inspired thriller places you in the role of either the werewolf, an innocent civilian, or the hunter. As the wolf, your job is to find each civilian and knock them out of the game, while as a civilian it’s all about staying out of sight. As you might imagine, the hunter’s sole purpose is to bring down the wolf. I personally failed hard at being the werewolf. Hiding is definitely my strong point…relatively speaking.

Roses | By Clockwork Entertainment

If you’re in the mood for a deep narrative with an edgy haunting atmosphere, Roses is your ticket. Take on the role of a guy trying to find his friend who is lost somewhere in an asylum that I can safely say doesn’t get high marks for bedside manners.

Tower Defense Simulator | By Paradoxum Games

One of the ultimate team games gets a frightening makeover with Jack O’ Bot and his hoard of zombies! Tower Defense Simulator provides a methodical approach to gaming as you work to establish an impenetrable army to defend your base.

Theme Park Heideland | By PassiGames

Not gonna lie. I spend a lot of my free time at Theme Park Heideland. As you might have expected, Heideland is providing the scares this October as well with their “Horror Nights” update. Make sure to check out the Ride To Hell rollercoaster, as well as my personal favorite, The Kraken. If the rides didn’t make you scream already, they surely will now!

I know I’ll be playing all of these games all month long, so I hope to see you around!