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The Summer Internship Experience at Roblox

September 19, 2019

by QTSunshiney & YoSoyTofu


It’s been an exciting summer at the Roblox headquarters! This year, we brought on over 50 interns to collaborate with our engineering, product, data, and design teams on a dazzling array of impactful projects including new features, streamlining workflows, improving game experiences, and many others. Just like our full-time staff, our summer interns are owners and have an amazing opportunity to learn, contribute, and have a direct hand in powering our mission to bring the world together through play.

All work and no play? Not a chance. Even while working on their projects full-time, interns participated in fun events and activities all summer long. These included our kick-off dinner, an ice cream social, a tech talk, and much more. At the end of the program, interns had a chance to share their projects with members of the Roblox team and celebrate the last days of summer with each other.

Roblox is an incredible place to build your career, make friends, and gain real-world experience. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what this year’s interns had to say about their summer at Roblox…

Why intern at Roblox? 

“It’s a really special time to join Roblox! The company is growing super fast with many new initiatives, so there are a lot of opportunities to take ownership of a project and have an outsized impact. You will also meet some of the most ambitious, entrepreneurial people in tech.” – Product Management Intern

What was your internship experience like? 

“It was the best learning experience I’ve had in such a short amount of time. I was excited to come into work every day and face the challenges of working on complex systems I had only theorized about creating in my CS classes. Being able to collaborate with senior engineers and realizing that there is so much room for growth as an engineer was incredibly exciting.” – Engineering Intern

What did you enjoy most about the internship program? 

“I loved getting to know the interns and people at the company! There were so many bonding events like a board game dinner; ice cream trip; an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Dave, the CEO of Roblox; lunch and learns; and a trip to a Giants game. I ended up getting super close with the other interns and hung out with them all the time, even outside of work!” – Product Management Intern

How would you describe the company culture at Roblox? 

“By far, Roblox has one of the most welcoming, exciting, and innovative work cultures. People are smart and fun, which makes it really exciting to go to work. Everyone is willing to help, and each project is very impactful and interesting.” – Engineering Intern

What would you say to someone who is interested in interning at Roblox? 

“If you want to get an extremely fun, unique experience at an extremely diverse company, I strongly recommend applying to the Roblox internship program. You’ll get the chance to work with other engineers and enthusiasts from various walks of life, identities, and ages.” – Engineering Intern

On behalf of the entire team here at Roblox, thanks to all our interns for sharing their talents with us this summer! We had so much fun getting to know each and every one of you over these past ten weeks. Your contributions will go a long way toward building an even bigger, brighter future for Roblox players and creators worldwide. Good luck on your next adventure! We hope to see you again soon. 

Build Your Career at Roblox

Roblox is always on the lookout for sharp, creative thinkers who love to solve problems and collaborate on awesome projects with like-minded people. If you’re interested in starting your career at Roblox, we’ve just started accepting applications for our summer 2020 internship program. 

Apply now at our Careers page and come experience for yourself what life at Roblox is all about.