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Introducing Roblox Premium

September 23, 2019

by auggadoodle

Product & Tech

We’re excited to announce the global launch of Roblox Premium, our new subscription product replacing Builders Club! We changed the name of our subscription product to Premium in order to clear up a common misconception among newcomers that Builders Club was required to build things on Roblox. Premium offers many of the same great benefits you know and love from Builders Club (i.e. recurring Robux deposits into your account, discounts on Robux, and more), as well as a new icon. Premium will be rolling out gradually, so be patient if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s coming soon!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you get when you subscribe to Premium: 

  • A full month’s worth of Robux will be deposited instantly into your account when you renew or purchase your subscription (as opposed to waiting for it to come day-by-day, like Builders Club).  
  • Get 10% more Robux when purchasing official Robux packages on Roblox. 
  • Better payouts on item sales and in-game sales (compared to non-subscribers) when you exchange Robux for real money through our Developer Exchange (DevEx) system.
  • The ability to trade items with other players.
  • A new Premium icon will be displayed next to your username in-game and throughout Roblox. 
  • And many more exciting benefits coming soon!

Builders Club Members Will Be Migrated to Premium

If you’re a current Builders Club member, we’ve got some good news. First, your membership will automatically be converted to a Premium subscription. Second, you’ll be receiving in full the remaining amount of Robux you would have earned this month as a Builders Club member. Moving forward, Premium subscribers will instantly receive a lump sum of Robux on the monthly anniversary of their subscription renewal date. All users affected by these updates will be notified via their Roblox Inbox.

The New Look of Premium

Subscribers will be able to show off their Premium status with our new icon. The icon will appear next to your username in-game and throughout the Roblox platform. Check it out: 

We plan to deliver more value to our Premium subscribers in the coming months, so stay tuned!

To all our current subscribers, thank you. Your contributions directly support the growth of the Roblox platform as we continue to build even more exciting product features for players and creators alike. We hope you enjoy your exclusive benefits as a Premium subscriber!

You can view the monthly membership plans and sign up for Premium here.