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How to Enable Dark Theme

September 26, 2019

by nsgriff, fpscrazy & bitfist

Product & Tech

Whether you’re gaming in low-light settings or late into the night, it’s fair to say that staring at a bright white screen isn’t always an ideal experience. Fortunately, there’s a different option. Dark theme is officially available on our desktop site and now our mobile app! 

As Roblox continues to grow and evolve, our design team is hard at work creating a visual identity that is efficient, scalable, and appealing to everyone around the world. We wanted to give users more choice in how they use Roblox, so we set out to develop a new color system that’s sleek, modern, and looks and feels great on any device. We were thrilled by the excitement that came with dark theme on the website earlier this year, and now it’s finally arrived on mobile. You can toggle it on by following these steps:

  1. Go to your settings page.
  2. In Account Info, scroll down to the Theme drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Dark” to opt in and enable dark theme. 
  4. Select “Light” to switch back to light theme at any time.

Now you’re all set to enjoy Roblox at any light level!