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Summer 2019 Rthro Design Contest Winners

August 30, 2019

by OldBaronMondo

Community Creators

When we asked our community to send in more dazzling designs for bold new avatars, we had very high expectations…and you knocked them right out of the park. Last time we received over a thousand valid submissions; this time, you sent in three times as many. With so many beautiful, creative, dynamic, adorable, and all-around awesome concepts to choose from, picking just ten winners seemed impossible. 

So, we didn’t! This time, we picked fourteen winners to receive our $500 prize. Not only that, but we’ll also be turning their concepts into full-fledged avatar bundles for everyone in the community to enjoy. 

Before we share the winning designs, we’d just like to say how much fun it was going through everyone’s submissions. Among these winners were many, many hundreds of submissions that made us laugh, gasp, and feel proud of our community. Thank you so much to everyone who sent us their designs.

Now, on to the winners! Drumroll, please…

Please give a warm congratulations to all of the winners! And don’t forget to watch the Catalog: you’ll start seeing the first Rthro bundles based on these designs very soon.