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Paving the Road to a User-Generated Catalog

August 16, 2019

by givenothingback & Captain_Rando

Community Creators

At Roblox, we’ve always held the belief that, when given the right set of tools, our community will create things far better than anything we could have done ourselves. When you have a groundswell of talented people coming to Roblox every day to unleash their wildest imaginations upon the world, great things happen. A huge focus for us this year is to enable those gifted creators to bring more of their content to the Catalog. Not just shirts and pants, but ultimately accessories, animations, bundles, and more. 

First Wave of User-Created Hats

The first stop on our roadmap? Hats! A select few community members have already begun publishing their own hats in the Catalog, which you can find HERE under the new “Community Creations” category. More hats will be coming soon—and eventually other types of items, too—so keep your eyes peeled! 

We’ll begin with a slow rollout and expand to more creators as we ramp up over time. Rest assured, we’ve learned a lot since the community first started selling shirts and pants. We’re continuing to explore new technologies to help prevent things like duplicate items, botting, and spam, and we’re actively developing more sophisticated systems to protect user-created assets. We also want to ensure that any user-created items published to the Catalog are functional and of high quality. The more we test these systems, the better off we’ll be once we open this up to a wider group of verified creators. 

Stay Tuned for More Info

Today marks the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. If you’re interested in becoming a creator, we know you likely have a ton of questions about how this will all work and how it’ll affect the Roblox ecosystem. We’re still working through some of those details, so there are a few specifics we’re not yet ready to share. Nevertheless, if you happened to catch our “Future of Avatar” talk at the Roblox Developers Conference, you can get some insights into our thought process about the economics. For some frequently asked questions, you can also check out our Developer Forum post here.

We hope to share more news in the coming months. Until then, please enjoy this first set of user-created hats. As always, thanks for being a part of this incredibly creative community!