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Expanding Emotes: More Animations, More Fun

August 20, 2019

by givenothingback & Captain_Rando

Product & Tech Community

Now there are even more ways to express yourself on Roblox with all-new emotes!

We love emotes at Roblox because they’re a fun, meaningful way to interact with other players or communicate with people even across language barriers. Emotes have been around on Roblox for the past several years now, allowing you to laugh, cheer, point, wave, or dance in your favorite games. As we continue to reach more and more countries around the world, we wanted to expand on this system by offering an even greater variety of animations to use and making them easier to discover.

Head to the Catalog now to check out the first wave of emotes that are currently on offer—many of them are available for free to celebrate the launch. What better way to take pleasure in your next hard-earned victory, greet a new friend, or unleash a plethora of perfectly timed dance moves?

Here’s a list of what we’ve rolled out so far (you can preview each one in the Catalog):

…and much more still to come! 

Using Emotes

So, how do you show off your new animations in-game? We’re glad you asked! There are now two ways to do it: through text commands in the in-game chat or through the convenient new Emote Menu.

Emote Menu

You can equip up to eight of your favorite emotes from the Avatar Editor, making it easier than ever to activate them while playing a game. They’ll be assigned in the new in-game Emote Menu, which you can quickly pull up either from the top bar or the radial menu if you’re playing on Xbox One.   


If you’re familiar with our original emote system, you can continue using text-based inputs in the in-game chat to activate any emotes in your Inventory even if they’re not actually equipped to your avatar. Just enter /e and then the name of the emote you want to use (for example: /e salute). 

Stay Tuned for More Emotes

We’re just getting started. We plan to continue introducing new emotes to give players more ways to show off their personal style. With so many emotes to discover—and more on the way—we’re excited to see players around the world try them out and interact with each other. Enjoy!