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Unravel Mysteries for Limited-Time Stranger Things Items

July 01, 2019

by Roblox

Community Events

Something’s going on in the Roblox universe. Something very…strange.

The mystery, thrills, and adventure of Stranger Things are coming to Roblox! From July 1st until the July 4th premiere of Stranger Things 3 on Netflix, every day will bring mind-bending riddles and puzzles for you and your very own team of investigators to solve. Gather your friends and follow the clues across our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages to piece together the codes needed to unlock limited-time virtual items from the world of Stranger Things! Redeem your prizes on

Also starting today, you can set sail on an ocean of flavors with your own Scoops Ahoy Hat or become a thing of nightmares with the Demogorgon mask. Both are available for free for a limited time only:

The summer of mystery ends on July 18th, so redeem these rewards before it’s too late!