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Have Fun in the Sun with These Summer Games

June 28, 2019

by OldBaronMondo


Got your glass of lemonade with the little umbrella? Your fun sunglasses? Your…wow, is that thermostat right? Ouch. Summer’s awesome, but everybody can use some time indoors cooling down with the fan on full blast. Here are three games to help you have fun in the sun even when you’re a little sunburned.  

Beach Simulator | By Biostream

If you thought bottle caps were the only treasure to be found on the beach, think again! Beach Simulator offers all the relaxing beauty of the seaside with an added edge of adventure.

This treasure hunting game from Biostream pits you and your pets against a mountain of sand in search of buried gold…and other, far more mysterious rewards. Level up, sharpen your skills, and add more animal buddies like crabs and penguins to your world-class treasure hunting team.

The more you play, the better your haul becomes. What will you find?

Don’t worry! There’s plenty of treasure for everyone. (But this one’s mine.)

The Floor is Lava | By TheLegendOfPyro

In The Floor is Lava, you have one goal and one goal only: don’t fall in lava. That’s probably your goal even when you’re not playing the game, but trust us, it’s harder than it sounds.

Each fast-paced round has you climbing desperately to escape the rising lava. This is one barbecue you don’t want to be invited to, so keep hopping and don’t be stopping ‘til you’re the last one standing.

There are a lot of great maps (a peaceful library, a cheerful park, a neighborhood), and they’re all totally unique. At least, until they’re filled with lava; but by the time that happens, you’ve got bigger concerns than the scenery. The Floor is Lava really knows how to keep the pressure rising, and if you’re looking for short but exciting rounds, look no further. This game heats up quick. 

Hey, the lava’s hot, but it’s a dry heat.

Theme Park Tycoon 2 | By Den_S

You don’t need a ticket to get into Theme Park Tycoon 2, but that’s not the only advantage it has over real parks. Not only can you try out as many thrilling rides and delicious snacks as you want, but you can also customize and build your own attractions! 

Theme Park Tycoon 2 makes you the undisputed master of your very own theme park domain. You control every aspect: what rides you want, where they are, how guests enjoy them. You can design the jaw-dropping roller coasters of your dreams, invite friends to come try it, and ride all the rides together for as long as you want. How’s that for a relaxing summer day?

Best thing about Roblox theme parks? If you get hungry, you don’t need to wait in line for a snack.

Whether you want rides, riches, or simply not to get burned by lava, there’s plenty of fun waiting for you on Roblox. And if the weather’s nice, why not go outside and play on mobile? In fact, while you’re waiting in line for that real coaster…