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Embrace the Spirit of FC Barcelona on Roblox

June 25, 2019

by Roblox

Community Events

Barça! Barça! Barça!

That’s your cue—time to show the world what you’re made of. As Roblox spreads to more countries and languages than ever before, we’re teaming up with FC Barcelona, one of the most successful clubs from the most popular sport in the world, to bring their indomitable spirit to all our fans. Starting right now, you can show your pride by customizing your avatar with Barça’s bold new 2019-20 home kit!

Featuring the iconic Barça crest and Blaugrana colors, the limited-edition “FC Barcelona: Elite Striker” and “FC Barcelona: Elite Playmaker” avatar bundles are only available in the Catalog through July 9th.

FC Barcelona is more than a club—it’s about respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, and humility. With their recognizable style of play and legendary feats on the pitch, it’s no wonder they’re regarded as among the very best. Together with Barça, we want to inspire players to live like true champions, to achieve greatness as one united community. No matter how far apart we are, football and Roblox bring us together through play. So, get out there and make your dreams a reality. We’ll see you on the pitch!