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Three Games to Celebrate Spring

May 08, 2019

by legoseed


Ahh, spring is in the air! The cold winter has melted away, flowers have started to bloom, leaves are turning green, and clouds of pollen are attacking your nostrils. If you’re waiting for the last wisps of chill to fully disappear outside, you can celebrate springtime in the comfort of Roblox. 

Whether you want to pick and sell flowers, clean your winter clutter with Todd the Turnip, or just enjoy the peace and solitude, you’re sure to have a great season with these delightful games.

Gardening Simulator | By Imperatrix

Put a spring in your step with Gardening Simulator! As one of the newest citizens of Garden Town, you’ve been tasked with helping the resident gnomes recharge the city’s power stations with sunlight.

You’ll have a variety of gardening tools at your disposal, from shovels to paintbrushes (whatever it takes to make the gnomes happy, right?). There’s also a wealth of side quests to complete, giving you more chances to explore the town or find other secrets and hidden treasures. If you’re ever feeling lonely out in the fields, you can even grow your own plant pets to help you power up the city even faster.

Scoop up heaps of flowers, upgrade your tools, discover new friends, and much more!

Spring’s Rock Showcase | By AerialsAbove

Sometimes you just want to escape the hustle of life and relax in the calm space of nature. Fortunately, Spring’s Rock Showcase is the perfect place to do just that.

As soon as you spawn, you’ll notice that your character is flanked by tall, lush trees, giant mushrooms, and soft beams of light peeking through the forest canopy overhead. At first, it appears as though you’re at the bottom of an ordinary ravine, but soon you’ll see antique bookcases, glowing alchemy charts, and candles slowly burning to illuminate the surroundings. The sound effects captivate you and give you the illusion of being immersed in a real forest. Birds perform their gentle song, woodpeckers tap away at tree trunks, and a nearby stream bubbles and trickles over river rocks.

The seamless integration of fantasy and reality is entertaining to explore. Between the rocks and foliage, there are witch cauldrons, spell books, and even a full-sized fire breathing dragon. Take some time to relax in Spring’s Rock and explore all the hidden nooks and crannies this showcase has to offer.

Cleaning Simulator | By BRIBBLECO™

There’s no shame in having winter clutter. You leave one object on the floor, and before you know it you’re up to your ankles in a mess you promised you’d clean weeks ago. Good news, it’s spring cleaning time!

In Cleaning Simulator, you play as the whimsical Todd the Turnip as you mop, spray, and scrub your way to success. Log into your retro desktop and apply for a janitorial position. Then, discover the secrets of the BRIBBLECO office building as you clean each floor to shine. The colorful tools and silly sound effects make any cleaning task a little less daunting, and you’ll find that cleaning is a reward instead of a chore. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden cassette tapes laying around some of the floors of the office building, and work your way up to gain experience and tackle the final stage: the CEO’s office.

Try your hand at Cleaning Simulator, and complete achievements to unlock new characters like Pablo the Pineapple, Oscar the Orange, Chris the Cherry, and more!

While you’re killing time between picnics, kite flying, and flower sniffing, take a look at the springtime activities you can experience in Roblox with these three unique games! Thanks to the creators and developers for bringing the joy of spring online to be experienced all year long.