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To One Million Robloxians on Twitter

May 3, 2019

by OldBaronMondo


Break out the party hats: we’ve just broken one MILLION followers on our Twitter account @Roblox! That means more people are sharing the hottest Roblox games, updates, and content creators than ever before.

All this is thanks to you: the Roblox community. At the end of the day, it’s our mega-talented developers, fan artists, streamers, and community leaders who deserve the credit. If you’ve ever made a game, followed your favorite creator, RT’d a promo code or an update, posted a screenshot, or told somebody how much you like their videos, make no mistake: when we celebrate one million followers, we’re celebrating you. So, before we hand out virtual party favors, let’s give props to some of the tweets that brought us together to share moments of building, creating, and playing on Roblox:

@berezaagames | Developer

@GrottyPuff | Scripter, developer, and artist

@Alexnewtron | Developer

@BeeismRblx | Builder

@badimo | Developers

And now, let’s talk rewards. Everybody who redeems the promo code ROBLOXSTRONG is entitled to these enormously fashionable, enormously enormous Super Social Shades! Look like a million followers, no matter the occasion. You can enter the code at


Thanks again! Now, let’s see about two million…