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Video Creator Spotlight: GamingWithKev

May 23, 2019

by legoseed

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Whether you know him from his comedic gaming commentaries, horror game playthroughs, or video challenges, there’s no doubt that GamingWithKev is a powerhouse in YouTube entertainment. We had the pleasure of interviewing him and learning more about his channel and his favorite moments on Roblox!

You made your first Roblox video just a few years ago! How did you hear about it?

GamingWithKev: I first heard about Roblox through the YouTubers Guava Juice and DanTDM. I saw these guys playing Roblox quite often and it intrigued me to try it out. I haven’t stopped uploading since!

You’ve made over a thousand Roblox videos over the years! Any that were especially memorable or challenging to record?

GamingWithKev: I believe my most memorable would be the Roblox horror story videos. I have one called “THE CUTE, LITTLE DOLL” that went on to be viewed over 8 million times!

GamingWithKev braces himself for the fright of his life in his Roblox horror story video “THE CUTE, LITTLE DOLL.”

Your viewers really enjoy when you play horror games! What do you think makes a game especially scary and fun to watch?

GamingWithKev: It depends on how the game is built (ambient lighting, sounds, creepy music, and a great storyline go a long way). I’m always 100% frightened when I come in and read the stories, so my jump scares and reactions make everyone laugh and enjoy the thrill.

Let’s say a developer wanted to make a game specifically so you’d want to play it on the show. What would that look like?

GamingWithKev: It’s funny because multiple developers already do, which is phenomenal. I believe that game would either involve running away from a masked murderer or escaping from prison and robbing different places in the game like in Jailbreak and one of my new favorites, Mad City.

If someone wanted to start watching your channel, is there a favorite video you’d recommend?

GamingWithKev: I would most likely recommend either “THE CUTE, LITTLE DOLL” horror story video or maybe a superhero tycoon video that I’ve done.

Thanks for sitting down with us, GamingWithKev! You can check out his library of hilarious videos and keep up with all his new ones here. While you’re at it, follow him on Roblox too!