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Roblox Announces Its First Gaming Console: Robox

April 01, 2019

by YoSoyTofu

Product & Tech

At Roblox, we’re continuously exploring new and innovative ways to bring our platform to millions of people across the world. Just as we’ve expanded onto phones, tablets, the Xbox One, and virtual reality, we believe that there’s an even greater potential just waiting to be unlocked. A new way to experience all your favorite Roblox games. A new way to connect with your friends. A new way to make your dreams a reality in stunning, 8K ultra-high definition graphics and at greater than 120 frames per second.

Welcome to a new era of interactive entertainment. This is Robox.

Robox is our first-ever video game console, engineered for maximum immersion and greater performance than anything else on the market today. Powered by our proprietary RBX Imagination™ CPU and GPU, Robox will forever evolve the way Roblox games look and feel.

World’s First Console Powered by Imagination (Literally)

It all started with a simple idea. Roblox has been “powering imagination” for over a decade, but we wanted to do more. We discovered a way to harness the power of imagination. Deep underground in a secret laboratory, our engineers developed a groundbreaking processor that could distill imagination into a concentrated source of infinite energy. That energy is what fuels the unbelievable technology in Robox.

With the combined power of our advanced hardware stack and the versatility of the cloud, Robox will transform gameplay. Not only can Robox render individual blades of grass or flecks of dust, but it automatically generates them to fill games where they aren’t already programmed in! Plus, Robox can seamlessly stream any game to any device—yes, even a smart refrigerator or that old portable DVD player you have stashed away in the garage somewhere. True cross-platform capability. Our technology delivers experiences that will always remain lightning fast, fluid, and immersive, wherever, whenever.

That’s the power of imagination.

Next-Generation Performance & Advanced Graphical Fidelity

  • Access millions of games created by the community and play with friends anytime, anywhere
  • The sleekest offset cube you and your friends will ever own in your entire lives
  • Play and create games never thought possible on any device—yes, ANY device
  • Bluetooth technology allows you to connect any controller or keyboard
  • Roblox and Roblox Studio come pre-installed on every console
  • Tilt the console precisely 15 degrees to the right to fire up the RBX Imagination™ CPU!
  • Includes: Robox, HDMI cable, instruction manual
  • Tech Specs:
    • CPU: RBX Imagination™ CPU, 64 cores @ 6 GHz
    • GPU: RBX Imagination™ GPU, 100 TFLOPS to support 8K rendering at 240 Hz
    • Memory: 64 GB GDDR7
    • Storage: Who needs storage when everything’s in the cloud? 😉

Take a look at what a few of our early access players had to say about Robox:

“My cats REALLY like it. Last night I even caught one of them trying to turn it on. The other had the controller, but he dropped it when I made eye contact…”

“Plays games at a high framerate and makes an excellent companion piece for my other offset cubes. I also love the sound effect it plays when it crashes! It’s sort of like, ‘uff.’ Or ‘oop.’ It’s hard to explain.”

“The power went out to my building, but I didn’t even notice. I think the Robox is powering my apartment? I don’t know how that works, but I’ll take it!”

“I opened mine up to see how it worked. It’s full of, like, marbles. They move by themselves and some of them are glowing. I’m no engineer, but I know ingenuity when I see it.”

We hope you find this console as Imaginary as we do.

Robox will be officially released worldwide on April 1, 2020.

Pre-order yours today at!