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Roblox Hack Week: Inspiring Creativity & Innovation

March 27, 2019

by Roblox

Product & Tech

Innovation and creativity are two of the most important aspects of our culture here at Roblox, and our latest Hack Week took the excitement surrounding these values to new heights.

With no limit placed on imagination, Hack Week is a chance for our employees to break away from their day to day work and explore fresh new ideas that test the outer limits of technology. And when the sky’s the limit, the possibility for innovation is endless. Just before our holiday break in December, creators gathered to show their inventions to their peers. For the sixth year in a row, the gathered crowd came away with a greater appreciation for the creative-brained inventiveness of all of Roblox’s presenters.

Over these five days of Hack Week, we saw unbridled creativity resulting in visionary new concepts for our player and developer communities, new internal workflow solutions, and global product development with an eye towards China. In short, exciting new ideas only achievable through the wide-open atmosphere that Hack Week provides. When your fun assignment is to go forth and create whatever you think will benefit the Roblox world with no risk or fear of failure, great things happen.

Here’s a highlight reel of some of the creations developed during Hack Week in December 2018. When all was tallied, over 70 projects went from daydreams and cocktail napkin sketches to actual concepts.

While none of the projects in this video are currently in the production pipeline and were made to test the limits of our technology and creativity, who knows where they might end up? If you saw something you loved, use the hashtag #RobloxHackWeek on Twitter and we’ll put in a good word for your favorite.

Hack Week is always a fun and inspiring week for the entire team. Having the opportunity to work on any project we desire, with an eye towards making Roblox a richer experience for you, our community, is a workplace dream come true. You keep playing and we’ll always keep pushing the creative envelope.