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Book of Monsters: Destroy or Be Destroyed

March 29, 2019

by Orca_Sparkles

Community Creators

Ever see one of those epic monster movies where the heroes are desperately fighting to save the world from a behemoth ten times the size of a skyscraper? Now you can experience that same pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat action in Book of Monsters, a 2019 Bloxy Award-winning game by Cosmic Workshop!

Book of Monsters is a game with a lot of heart. Literally! Each round, players are randomly chosen to be on one of two teams vying for supremacy: humans or monsters. As the human, your goal is to take down the monsters by jumping on the self-destruct button on their backs to break their hearts. Easier said than done! You can try to use your handy hammer to help, but you’ll soon find that the monsters are more formidable than you thought. They’ll easily smash any building to bits, causing rampage and ruckus wherever they roam. If they break all your hearts, you’ll be knocked out. Better luck next time…

Playing as a monster allows you to bust down the map with a variety of techniques. Destroy humans as the LlamaBot by sending your head flying like a giant rocket! Or play as the hulking Casa Loco, who can create a tornado that gathers up players and debris alike. Those are just two of the monsters available early on. There are plenty more to unlock!

Even if you get knocked out as a human or monster, all is not lost. You can return to the game as a minion, such as a mailbox demon or an adorably evil cow. Instead of passively spectating, minions are able to destroy on a smaller scale and still take hearts away from players!

The game also allows for a great deal of customization. Ever wanted to have your own personal monster follow you around? Pick one of the monsters to be a mini pet for your avatar! You can also dress your monsters up in a variety of costumes, setting you apart from everyone else.

Eye-catching and bright colors make the maps easy on the eyes. Even when the destruction ensues, everything is so pleasant to look at you don’t get lost in the chaos of all the flying debris. The designs are modern but have a classic Roblox feel, making it fun for all players.

No matter whose side you’re on, Book of Monsters is bound to be a smashing experience. So, get ready to push some buttons and play Book of Monsters with your friends now!