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Powers Event – 2019

January 17, 2019

by Roblox

Community Events

A source of infinite energy can be found hidden deep inside the Roblox universe, but be wary, not all who seek this power aim to use it for good. Summon the courage from within and rally together with your fellow Robloxians to defend the catacombs from an invading mob, fight blood-thirsty zombies, and forge a legendary crystal sword to add to your strength. Prove that the greatest power of all is your own and complete the following in-game quests by January 31st to earn exclusive prizes!

Swordburst 2

  • To Battle!: There’s been an invasion at the Catacombs, and we can’t afford to sit back idly. Arm yourself with the strongest gear you can find, then head over there to fight against a horde of savage enemies. In exchange, you’ll be granted a powerful new skill.

Zombie Rush

  • Charging Up: An onslaught of zombies continues to claw at the walls of your safe house. If the survivors don’t do something to restore power, they’ll be doomed. Gather batteries during each spawn wave and bring them back to the generator before it’s too late.  

Pirate Simulator

  • A Legendary Blade: Crystals imbued with mysterious energy have emerged across the land. Meanwhile, there are tales of a formidable adversary striking down your fellow pirates. Collect the crystals to forge a powerful sword capable of defeating this dangerous new enemy.

Complete each in-game event quest in Swordburst 2, Zombie Rush, and Pirate Simulator and you can earn these one-of-a-kind virtual items on Roblox!