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Show Off Your Rthro Avatar (Updated November 12)

November 12, 2018

by Roblox


Hey there, Robloxians!

It’s been really exciting seeing all the fun, snazzy avatars being created and shared across social media this past week—not just because it’s Halloween time, but also because of all the Rthro bundles that have been released in the Catalog so far! The new scaling options have also added another layer of customization to Roblox. Whether you prefer the classic avatars, the new Rthro proportions, or something in between, you have more power than ever before to decide who or what you want to be.

Now that you’ve had a chance to experiment these past few days, we wanted to draw your attention to some awesome games that let you use an avatar that’s been scaled up to 100% Rthro proportions.

Check out the games below, invite your friends to play, and enjoy! We’ll be showcasing more games in the weeks that follow, so bookmark this post or keep an eye on our dedicated Rthro landing page here.

Games You Can Play Now (Last Updated Nov. 12, 2018)

Beach Simulator | Created by Biostream

Assemble a squad of pets to help you dig through the sand and discover heaps of buried treasure. Sell your treasure to earn more equipment upgrades.


*NEW * Clueless | Created by SteadyOn Games

A quiz game unlike any you’ve ever played before. Answer trivia questions correctly to go head-to-head against other players in a randomized mini-game. The winner receives the most points!


Egg Farm Simulator | Created by SirMing

Embark on a never-ending journey to become the ultimate egg farm tycoon. Hatch chickens and hire workers to level up your farm.


*NEW * Epic Mining | Created by Trade.

Delve deep into the mines in search of buried treasure and rare ores. Upgrade your equipment, hatch eggs to unlock new pets, and enchant your pickaxe for special perks!


Fairy World | Created by Sorcerers Supreme

Explore an immersive, magical kingdom where you can hunt for rare gems and attend fairy school. Design your avatar with hundreds of free items ranging from wings to wands.


Farmulator | Created by Farmulator™

Grow and maintain a variety of crops or bake them into delicious treats at the bakery. Complete quests to earn cash and expand your farm.


Freeze Tag! | Created by Astro Corporation

The classic game of Tag, but with a twist! Team up and escape from the taggers or “freeze” all the remaining survivors before the timer runs out.


Heists | Created by Block Evolution Studios

Join your friends and stage the ultimate heist together. Break into other players’ hideouts to loot their vault, then spend cash on upgrades, fancy cars, and better safe house defenses.


Speed Race | Created by MasterDaniel

Race against other players across tons of varied obstacle courses and compete to see who will get the fastest time.


Super Bomb Survival!! | Created by Polyhex

Survive an onslaught of bombs, missiles, and dynamite raining down upon the map. Collect coins to earn new abilities that’ll help increase your chances of survival.


*NEW * Thar Be Monsters | Created by ATinyGod

DESTROY EVERYTHING! The more power you absorb, the bigger you get and the more abilities you gain. Smash players into smithereens or work together to defeat other monsters. 


*NEW * Work at a Coffee Shop | Created by Mocha Madness

Experience what it’s like to manage your own coffee shop! Become a barista, make drinks for other customers, and earn cash you can spend on cars, houses, and more.


Would You Rather | Created by DutchStudio’s

Each round, a new “Would You Rather?” question is asked on stage. Select your answer by choosing a side. The side with the most votes wins!

Hear from the Devs

We also had a chance to catch up with some Roblox developers to get their thoughts about Rthro. Read on to learn how it’s enabling them to update their existing games to offer greater player customization and usher in a new era of games that seamlessly mesh together different avatar styles:

One of my goals for Farmulator was to make a game which looked nice. Rthro has really helped to further this goal with more accurate proportions and more player customization.AlgyLacey, Farmulator


Rthro allows developers to expand their creative limits by taking avatar customization to the next level, creating unique experiences for audiences both young and old.” – ObscureSpookity, Rumble Studios


Rthro ushers in a new layer of character expression on Roblox, letting developers create more unique and immersive experiences like never before.” – OniiCh_n, Sayounara Studios