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Seven Seas of Adventure Await in the Aquaman Event

November 20, 2018

by Roblox

Community Events

An undersea army. An ancient throne. An unbreakable spirit. If you are strong, and cunning, and have the will to rule, the powers of Aquaman await you. But to seize the throne, you’ll need the help of Robloxians everywhere. Complete in-game event quests to earn exclusive rewards through January 2 and help the community unlock new trials in Aquaman: Home is Calling. The more quests that are completed, the more trials you’ll unlock and the closer you’ll come to the final battle…and the ultimate prize. Emerge victorious in the Arena after completing all three trials to unlock Atlanna’s Crown and our first-ever Rthro grand prize: your very own exclusive, limited-edition avatar bundle inspired by Aquaman’s iconic costume!

When you’re not out exploring Atlantis and channeling Aquaman’s powers, be sure to watch the movie when it splashes into theaters on December 21!


Aquaman: Home is Calling – Beyond the edge of the world lies the great empire of Atlantis. Centuries ago, it was thought to be lost forever, regarded simply as an ancient myth…until now. Become Aquaman and complete the trials that await to prove your worthiness as Atlantis’ hero!

  • First chamber unlocked by earning 200,000 Aquaman Badges collectively in Bandit Simulator.
  • Second chamber unlocked by earning 325,000 Aquaman Badges collectively in Booga Booga.
  • Third chamber unlocked by earning 300,000 Aquaman Badges collectively in Feed Your Pets!
  • Arena: Unlocked by earning 30,000 Badges collectively in Trial #3.

Bandit Simulator – A true test of a warrior’s spirit not only involves their skill in combat but also their ability to think on their feet. What better way to prove you’re worthy of facing the first trial than by competing in an old-fashioned wild west duel between bandits and cowboys?

  • Roblox Badge: Defeat 50 opponents.
  • Aquaman Badge: Rob 20 pearls from the bank to unlock the exclusive harpoon gun.

BOOGA BOOGA – The road ahead is paved with danger. Yet, despite the odds, a real hero stands firm and overcomes any obstacle. Show that you’re capable of taking on the second trial by strengthening your mind, body, and soul in this island survival adventure!

  • Roblox Badge: Find the three hidden underwater caves to unlock the prize.
  • Aquaman Badge: Hunt sharks to collect 20 shark teeth. Use these teeth to craft a throwable trident.

Feed Your Pets! – Somewhere along your heroic adventure, it’s only natural to want an ally or sidekick to help you confront even greater challenges and stronger adversaries. Before you embark on the final trial, you must first form bonds with your own mighty exotic beasts.

  • Roblox Badge: Talk to the Queen Jellyfish and bring her enough sapphires to unlock the underwater area.
  • Aquaman Badge: Swim through the underwater area and rescue the fish that is in danger.

Here’s what else you can earn by completing each trial in Aquaman: Home is Calling and every in-game event quest!