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Laughing it Up with ItsFunneh

November 30, 2018

by OldBaronMondo


If you haven’t seen ItsFunneh’s YouTube channel, what can we say except…it’s funneh! Not only is she one of the biggest Roblox YouTubers, she’s got one of the biggest gaming channels, period! We were lucky enough to sit down with her and learn more about her, her playthroughs, and her infamous Krew.

Q: Not only does your channel have over 3 million subscribers, but you’ve also reached more than 2 BILLION total views! Was there a moment where you thought to yourself, “Wow, I’ve really made it”?

ItsFunneh: I’ve never thought I would make it ever. I started my channel out of pure curiosity in showing what I could create. Looking at where I am now with my channel is amazing. I couldn’t be happier!

Q: Anyone who knows your show knows that you play with The Krew: your siblings, Rainbow, Gold, Lunar, and Draco! What’s it like filming with family? Is there any rivalry?

ItsFunneh: Recording videos with my siblings is surprisingly easy. We do sometimes get in arguments over small little things but at the end of the day, we get over it because we’re family. There is definitely rivalry when we play games that are more competitive. It makes it more fun for us and for our viewers to watch!

Q: You feature so many different games on your channel! What’s your favorite kind of Roblox game to record?

ItsFunneh: My favorite kind of Roblox games to record would have to be multiplayer games. Games that you could play along with other players. I really enjoy Flee the Facility and Bloxburg. I find it so much fun and creatively amusing.

Q: If someone wanted to get into your channel, what episodes would you want to show them and why?

ItsFunneh: I would highly recommend them to watch Roblox Family. A series recorded in Bloxburg where we (The Krew) all live in one giant broken mansion and must work hard to rebuild the place. There are also some awesome stories that happen along the way.

Q: Last question: what’s your favorite item on Roblox?

ItsFunneh: Hands down the Dominus Frigidus hat.

Thanks for sitting down with us, ItsFunneh! There’s new content from The Krew every day, so follow her on YouTube and Twitter to keep up.